Friday, January 16, 2009

1st part of 2008 year in review:

We started off the New Year planning a wedding. We had only been engaged for 2 months (met on a blind date) and were planning for the best day of our lives thus far for April 18, 2008. I (angie) had just left my job of 5 years as a child life specialist at Baptist. I started a new job at the Mississippi dept of health as a service coordinator for early intervention in southaven in dec of 07. I like to say that I was preparing myself to become a Mississippi MRS. Jan-april was full of showers…literally!! It rained double the average it was suppose to by the time april rolled around. And the soon to be Mrs. Mccoy was showered with gifts! We had 8 showers total and was so blessed by all the gifts...and was overwhelmed by all the thank you cards we had to write! Kyle attended all but 2 of them. He was a trooper! But don’t worry…it was during march madness and a tv was always near to cheer for the tigers/bulldawgs!

(DeKalb, MS Chruch shower) (Baptist shower) (Kyle's bank shower)

In march, the bank that kyle works for sent us to the young bankers convention in orange beach, al. It was a much needed break from wedding planning!
Orange Beach, AL

Finally the big week arrived, april 18 was near! I was the calmest bride ever! my attitude was…if it all goes wrong…I am still getting married to my best friend and that is all that matters. I was only obsessive about the weather as it was a monsoon all year. Rehearsal day was Thursday the 17th and it was a beautiful day! We had the dinner at the rendezvous….yummy! My future in-laws gave me a cowbell and made me ring it. I married into a Mississippi state cult! But I am coming around.

On April 18th, 2008 it rained all the way until 6:00. we got married at 6:30. it was perfect! We had a smaller ceremony and a larger reception. I remember all of it and a had a wonderful wedding planner randi “j-lo” lynn! God brought Kyle in my life at the perfect time and I am very grateful to have someone like him to take care of me and at the same time makes me laugh! He is truely a God-sent! Here is a link to our wedding pictures.

We honeymooned in sunny mexico which was a great change from all the rain! We visited the mayan ruins, climbed a pyramid, swam with dolphins (for free…that’s another story), and snorkeled the 2nd largest barrier reef. I must tell the “dirtiest” story of the honeymoon. Get your minds out of the gutter!!! On day one of the honeymoon, we finally got to our room with a “view.” It was of a TREE! Our travel agent said it was of the ocean. So I marched my exhausted self down to the lobby to put our name on a waiting list for a different room. I got back to the room and kyle and I took a 4 hour nap! It was the best sleep I think I have ever had! We woke up and ordered room service after we toured the resort. We decided to use our ‘romantic’ hot tub that overlooked the tree. I then decided to pour the whole bottle of bubbles in the hot tub. Who knew you only needed a squirt? Anyways, as we drank our champagne, toasting to a new life together as husband and wife with an excessive amount of bubbles….so much that we could not see each other…we noticed that the water was about to overflow in the room!!!! So we started to drain the tub. Kyle and I then notice this weird smell. To me it smelled like a perm. To kyle it smelled like funk! we blew if off and just chatted about the wedding day and our wonderful week that we were about to spend in mexico. well, we got hot and had to drain some more water to add some cold water and that smell came back! Kyle told me to look around the hot tub to see if I saw anything. he cant see when his glasses are off BUT he did see my facial expression! There were overflow drains on the outside of the hot tub. The overflow drains overflowed…with SEWAGE!!! Kyle was like “whats wrong!?’ very calmly I said…”well, our floor is covered in poop and pee!” to make this long story short, we got out of the hot tub, safe and sewage free. (I will refrain from posting pictures.) Oh yeah, we got an upgrade…with an ocean view!!
(after snoorkling) (on the way down from the mayan pyramid)
The rest of the honeymoon was very fun and relaxing!
Well, I am updated for half of the year for 2008. I will do my best to get the last half on here!