Monday, October 19, 2009

kyle kicking the kalories

Kyle has already blogged about his weight loss. Now it is my turn! Let's start back when Kyle and I met in 2007. When we met, I was training for another 1/2 marathon. I ate pretty healthy as well. Once we started dating, Kyle said I was a good influence and that he wanted to start eating healthier and run a 5k. We were picking up Subway one night for dinner and he ordered a sub and he then proceeded to grab regular chips. So I said "Kyle, are you sure you want those chips?" So he grabbed the baked lays. Hey, he told me to help out so I was his voice of reason! He also completed his 1st 5k (see "got the runs" blog) in 2007!

Kyle at my 10 year high school reunion Oct 07. He was hot even back then!

In March of 2008 (a month before we got married), Kyle went to his doctor to get his annual physical. It was a slap in the face. He was told his triglycerides were high and cholesterol (both HDL and LDL) were out of whack. Diabetes runs in his family. His dr told him to lose 10 lbs, get on a diet, exercise and come back in 6 months. He had already been doing those things to an extent. He hung the lab report in his bathroom and was determined to get this blood work right! (After the honeymoon of course, that food was amazing!)

Kyle in Cancun on our honeymoon weighing 250 lbs.

After the honeymoon, we returned to reality and I moved in. When we went grocery shopping, he had me to help pick out healthier foods. He changed his eating habits. We don't eat out a lot and that is where a lot of people gain weight. It is so hard to know what is in the food cooked and it is always too much of it on the plate. Ironically, a McDonald's open up by his work last year! He told me that if it would have opened up before he met me, he really would have been in trouble. He tells me I have no idea the leaps and bounds he has made to say NO to unhealthy food.

He went for his 6 month check up (sept 08) and had lost 15 lbs! His dr was elated. He was running and eating healthy. But his blood work still came back high. The dr said he needed to come again in 6 months.

6 months came and he lost 10 more lbs (march 09). But his blood work was still high. The dr said he was going to put him on cholesterol meds if it didn't get better by the next visit. He was doing everything right. Losing weight, exercising, even training for a 1/2 marathon....Kyle was not happy that it might be genetic. The dr wanted to see him in 3 months to do blood work and decide the next step.

He then started weight watchers to lose the last 18 or so lbs. I did it with him and lost 9 lbs! We didn't go to meetings (I think if I went people would have thrown rocks at me) so we did it ourselves and had weekly weigh-ins like on the biggest loser. We had a spread sheet that calculates the point system. Here is a video of Kyle's 2nd weigh in. (turn up your volume)

Weight watchers was hard for me! I was only allowed 19 points at 1st and Kyle had 34. Not fair! I was taught to read food labels and make even healthier choices so that I could save my points and not waste them on empty calories. Then when I lost some weight, I only had 18 points!

Here was Kyle's weight from Tuesday, October 27.

We do eat bad...we have to reward ourselves for being so good! Especially during football and tailgate season. We eat our bad food in moderation. It tastes even better that way!

Kyle went for his dreaded check-up in June of this year and FINALLY, all his blood work was pretty much normal! His overall cholesterol went down 50 points from March of 08. The only pill he took was a fish oil pill 3 times a day. Whew, what relief. He will go back in December to see if he is maintaining. We still weigh in weekly to make sure we don't fall off track (we do this on the same night the Biggest Loser comes on...we are chessey like that!)

Kyle labor day weekend showing off his sky box ticket his mom gave him.
If you would like to donate to the "Kyle lost weight and now needs all new clothes" fund, please let me know! Your money is going to a good cause! Just kidding! Look at Kyle in his 42 inch pants! WOW!
Kyle's mom bought him his first pair of 34 jeans since high school. Everyone is so proud of him!

Here is Kyle's biggest loser moment. Please turn up your volume.
Previous weight: 250
Current weight: 195.5
Total % of weight lost: 21.8%
Total weight lost: 54.5

Hey this is Kyle, I'm very impressed with the blog. My wife has done a great job with the blog and motivating me to lose my weight. First off, I needed to lose weight because I was fat and my doctor even told me so. I had very unhealthy eating habits and was heading towards being a diabetic and heart disease. I also needed to lose the weight because I married the love of my life and I needed to be around as long a possible for her and our future kids including Boomer and Bailey. The key to losing my weight was not a diet, but a lifestyle change. Diets are temporary. Lifestyle changes are forever. You have to have the full package. You have to mentally prepare yourself each day to face food challenges that are on every corner (even a McDonald's by my bank). I'm proud to say I have only had a salad from McDonald's with light dressing and I think that is pretty impressive considering I have to smell the fries they cook everyday. Don't get me wrong it is very tempting. You also have to have support from your family and friends. My wife has done a great job having a lifestyle change with me and helped me become a better person inside and out! Even Boomer has lost 2 pounds by switching his treats to carrots. I want him to live as long as he can! Losing this weight has been great for me physically and mentally. I feel better than I ever have in my entire life. You never know, this may motivate someone else to begin their lifestyle change. There is no reason you can't do it, I don't care what you weigh. Just remember this: If this fat boy can do it, you can too. Thanks for reading.