Friday, September 14, 2012

casino gender reveal

We had Steph's reveal party in late July. Kristy came up with the best theme! Since Steph's last name is Betts, Kristy could not resist with the casino theme. It would even work if your last name had nothing to do with casinos. My gender reveal was a bee theme and I loved that too!

Kristy has a friend that makes the best cakes. She is AMAZING! Here's her website.

Place your Betts cake!
LOVE it!

Will the baby be.....

a queen?

or a King?!

My friend Shelly made the King of spades and Queen of hearts stickers for us to wear. I picked a queen so my boy could have an approved girlfriend!

Cindy, me, Steph

I brought the poker set for a centerpiece.


We're only 12 weeks apart!
Steph and Ray excited to find out! Ray picked queen and Steph picked king.

Steph WON! He's a king!

The dad's!! Kyle congratulating Ray on a job well done!
At 1st Kyle picked queen but then Steph's grandmother saw the ultrasound (of the baby's head) and said that she knew it was a boy based on the head. Kyle then changed to king since grandmother's are wise and sure enough.....she was right!

Happy parents!

Kristy-the master mind!

Some of the crew

After the reveal, we jetted out to head south for our 1st baby shower!

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