Thursday, February 28, 2013

best buds

A couple of weekends ago, Steph and I got our boys together. I am so excited that they are only 2 months apart. 

Jonah-4 months Eli-2 months

Steph and I call each other a lot to ask questions. We are going through the same things! I just happen to give her a 2 month warning for what to expect!
Later that night, we went out to eat with some friends and bowling while my parents kept J.
I snapped this photo the next day. It was raining pretty hard outside and the boys needed a Sunday nap. Sweet.
Love them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

visitors & superbowl

The 1st weekend in February was full of fun for Jonah!
He got his 1st give from overseas. Lisa sent this cute onesie to us! We facetime'd her so she could see how much he has grown. He even showed her how he could roll!
Aunt Leah & Uncle Josh came to visit. They even got to stay with us this time since Jonah is mostly sleeping through the night. He had a great time watching fly fishing videos with Uncle Josh!!
Saying their good-byes.
On Super Bowl Sunday, Jonah attended his 1st Super Bowl Party.

Since it was close to Valentine's day, he wanted the ladies to know he was single. Plus he was excited to see Beyonce sing at the halftime show! ALL the SINGLE LADIES!

He was passed around like a football!
Thanks to Kristy for thinking of us and taking our picture!
Poor Jonah, all the people wore him out.
What a fun weekend!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

4 months

On February 1, Jonah turned 4 months old!  Here are the highlights of what he did last month.
Jonah has become a pro at tracking objects. He has loves his hands and has full head control. He rolled from his belly to back right after he turned 3 months old! He loves to grasp his toys and loves his teethers. He has also started sleeping through the night about 4 to 5 days a week. He loves to carry on conversations.

Sweet Jonah before his shots. They put EMLA (numbing cream) on his legs. I honestly think it doesn't work but it makes me feel better inside. Personally, I think the medicine going in the muscle hurts much worse than the needle. There is no cream that can make that pain go away.
He did great with his shots. Again they let me nurse him while he got them. This time he had knots and red marks on his legs but no fever. Such a trooper!

january highlights

Jonah really grew in January. You can tell from the 14 week picture to the 17 week picture.
Here are some highlights from the month:
He started hanging out in his bumbo more.

He became an unoffical northface modle.
Our church outings.
He started rolling over this month (from belly to back)!

He is a ladies man

He facetime'd his great-grandmother (Mimi) and his Great, great aunt!


The dogs love hanging out with Jonah.

He loves his crib!
He is such a big boy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

food for finance: post-jonah weight loss

I've never had a hard time with my weight. In college I did gain the freshman 10 but lost it the next year. During my pregnancy, I gained a total of 47 pounds. I ate pretty healthy starting at 17 weeks (I had to eat carbs to function) and I exercised throughout my pregnancy. My doctor was not concerned at all about my weight gain. I thought I'd be that cute pregnant girl who'd only gain 25 pounds. WRONG! I had kankles and my wedding ring didn't fit my finger starting around 22 weeks.

3.5 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers to get the last 20 pounds off of me since I am still wearing maternity jeans. Let me go ahead and say that ALL jeans need to be maternity jeans. They are so comfy!

My job will pay for WW if I lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks. My results thus far:

My starting weight with my clothes, shoes, badge, and keys on me was 152.

Me weighing 152.

At my 3 week weigh in I weighed 147. Total loss is 5 pounds.

I normally would weigh anywhere between 124 and 129 pounds. When I weighed in at the doctor at my 5 week pregnancy (back in Jan of 2012) appointment I weighed 131. I want to get back to 125. Whew, that is a lot of weight to shed. I want to document on here to keep my self in check. I am telling how much I weigh and everything!  So please ask me how it's going!!

Here is the best part of trying to lose weight while exclusively breast feeding....I get 14 extra points a day! Whoo hoo! I wanted to make sure breast feeding was going smoothly before I started WW. Losing weight too fast could decrease my supply. I worked way to hard for that to happen! This will be a slow process but I want to be ready for summer in my 2-piece!

I've had a little set back in the running department. I broke my pinky toe 2 weeks ago on the coffee table so I can't run for 4 more weeks. I've still been losing weight but I really miss running.

Here is the part where you tell me I can get the last 20 pounds off...

Ready, GO!

another road trip

The last weekend in January we went to Starkville to visit Nana and Pops. This was right before Jonah turned 4 months old. He is doing much better traveling. We arrived early Saturday afternoon.
Jonah was happy to see his grandparents!
Later that night, Nana kept Jonah so that Kyle and I could go to the game.

 My FIL got tickets for the tip-off party and 3rd row seats and gave them to us. So very sweet of him!
 We had a good time with a great view!
Nana had the best time out of all of us because she got to keep Jonah!
He is growing so fast!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


There was a story a couple of weeks ago about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, and how he lied about his fake girlfriend dieing of cancer the same day his grandmother died. Pictures started popping up on the web with people "Teo'ing" kind of like Tim Tebow and "Tebow'ing." But with Teo'ing you put your arm around your fake girlfriend and take a picture.
I could not help myself!