Wednesday, April 30, 2014

grand champions: the bluff city bulldogs

I'm married to a man that is a member of not only an awarding winning BBQ team, but GRAND CHAMPIONS! I seriously should never have to cook again.

At the beginning of the month, we went to Mississippi State for the annual Super Bulldog Weekend. The team entered in the BBQ contest again. It's their 3rd year to enter (they've won something each year!) There were about 15 teams total. 

Low and behold, they won 1st in ribs, 1st in whole hog and GRAND CHAMPS! So, they were the best all-round team there! 

I mean, where do they go from here? They've hit the top!

Being judged...

The real judges, my parents! They agree with the grand champ status. 

Since I had an 18 month-old and a 5 1/2 week old, my parents came to help us out so we could have a good time. That morning I took them to the Cotton District Arts Fest while my in-laws came to switch babysitting duties. It was truly a family affair. 

The award-winning hog. Poor girl...

Enjoying the WIN!

My sweet parents with their grand champ son-in-law

While we were hanging out....Pops got his playtime in...

Then he got Charlie snuggle time.

And here is our mini-van selfie. 
I'm a fan. We fit all of our luggage plus a rock-n-play and the B.O.B stroller and still had room. I'm pretty sure the stigma has changed. If you DON'T have a're the uncool one! 

charlie ONE month + Jonah 18 months

April 4th, Charlie turned ONE month old. Help me y'all! I can't take the fast pace of this. 

Sweet boy
His ONE month milestones are here. 
He weighed 9 lbs and 13 oz
22 inches long

My favorite weekly pic. He is my prince!

We had Charlie's 1 month visit plus Jonah's 18 month visit on the same day. It was nuts!
We broke out the double stroller. 

Jonah playing pee-a-boo with charlie!

He had fun! But he didn't have fun getting shots.

Double trouble right here guys. 

Jonah stats for 18 months:
28.2 lbs
32 1/2 inches tall
He is still not really talking. He only says Mama (the most important word, of course!)
He started spoon feeding himself!

I'm really trying to live in the moment and enjoy this stage of my life. I've been so exhausted trying to keep up with both of these boys but I know it won't last long. I love it and get frustrated all at once! But that is what kids to do you. Make you crazy. I would not trade it!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

the REAL march madness

March flew by, but not without its problems.
So...we brought Charlie home from the hospital and all was well.

He took a great nap in the cradle that his great, great-uncle made Kyle way back when.

I mean look at this cute face! I've been calling him Prince since he is the Prince Charles!

Kyle loving cuddle time.

Then things went south....
Had Charlie on a Tuesday, home Thursday morning, and my MIL stayed for the weekend to help. Well Friday, she got the tummy bug. We thought surely it was food poisoning. Then at midnight Kyle got it. 3 day old Charlie and I got out of dodge. My parents came at 2am to pick us up to go to their house. 

So Saturday, my MIL was much better and took care of J while Kyle was locked in our room. Charlie and I were chilling at my parents. It was rough!

Charlie trying to stay away from the germs at granny and granddaddy's house! We came back on Sunday. We thought all was back to normal....

Amanda brought us dinner that night. YUM!

On Monday we had Charlie's 6 day visit. He had gained back some of his birth weight not all of it yet. He was 7.12oz. 

J checking the prince out.

strolling with 2! Love our B.O.B stroller.

6 day old Charlie loved his 1st stroll! And Kyle felt much better!

my parents taking J for a wagon ride.

And here is where things got bad again. My mom came to help after my MIL left on Sunday. On Wednesday morning, my mom got the bug! AHHHH! My dad was already back home. So we loaded the kids in my car and Kyle drove my mom's car with her in it. We kicked her out and drove her home. We had to. We didn't want to chance Charlie getting it. He was only 8 days old! Luckily, our nanny Randi had a spot for J and he spent the day with her while I went home with Charlie. But she had no openings for Thursday and Friday...

So I flew solo! With both kids...a 9 day old and 17 month old. I'm sure glad I had a great delivery. But I survived! I have no idea how but I did. 

I even managed to get the prince some tummy time in!

cuddle time with Charlie

The next week, Kyle had a fever. Y'all it was nuts. Then his great aunt Eloise passed away who we were close to. Then our neighbor who we loved dearly passed away. During all this, my mom and MIL were back to help. Whew! 

And we had so many meals delivered to us via meal train from our friends and church family. It was the best gift since we didn't feel like cooking. We were exhausted! 

Sweet Jonah after church

Charlie time

Happy St. Patrick's day! 

Charlie was decked out for his 1st St. Patrick's day

You can't deny this cuteness.

The newspaper the day Charlie was born.

Jonah learned how to spoon feed himself.

Charlie's 1st bath at home

One of J's favorite past times. 

Jonah at church under his name.

Charlie's 1st time to church at 3 1/2 weeks old! 

After bath time, Jonah loves to run out and play with his toys, superman-style. 

Aunt Connie came to visit and J wanted to be a present!

His other favorite hobby, playing with the cabinets. 

my sweet Charlie

J is on his veggie strike so I made smoothies to sneak some veggies in! 

Charlie's 1st bottle of pumped breast milk. Now I can leave for more than 3 hours!

Fussy baby won't keep me away from food. He loves to be in the Ergo.

I love these sweet moments. 

It was a CRAZY month but we survived! So thankful for my healthy family!