Thursday, September 23, 2010

it's a cruel, cruel summer

the band ace of base sang "cruel summer" but i would substitute cruel for HOT....
we started off june singing the blues....
our dear friend lindy turned 30 and she had the blues....psstttt, 30 is great! but she had the blues so we all wore blue to her party.
here is lisa, gillian, me, august, and betsy about to eat! i love that lisa and betsy wore blue wigs!

kyle and i having a great time! we love our lindy lou, even when she's blue!
lisa, august, lindy (bday girl), me, and betsy living it up!

the b-day girl and i! she looks great for 30!! she wears it well!

june, you tricked me. every year it is always extremely hot in june for about 2 weeks and you didn't fail this year. how was i to know that the heat would stick around ALL summer!? you got me! you really did! so when kyle and i signed up for the renaissance half marathon in ridgeland mississippi, we knew it' would be hot! we had that in mind. but we didn't know how HOT!

it was HOT! even at 6am at race time! i complained before about hot races. but oh man! there was a lady that gave out ice and told me to put it in my sports bra and for kyle to put his in his hat. AMAZING! it kept me going. however, our official time was 2:46. not a good time for us.

even though the race was miserable, we had a good time. the race was in the same city where kyle's mimi lives so we had some family time. for example, we were at mimi's on race *eve* and the phone rang.  mimi said "hello?....hello?....HELLO?....kyle this is a salesman and he wants to speak to you."  kyle and i looked at each other with wonder.  she handed kyle the phone and low and behold it was an automated phone service telling all the residents of the road closures for the race the next day.  mimi was amazed that they knew to call her house.  she said "how did they know you were here?!!" i just love that woman!

around mile 8, i had really bad knee pain. so every mile after mile 8, I had to stop and stretch.(maybe it's my IT band??) i have never been so hot during a race! but we did it!

resting with my friend lauren! she did great! and i'm pretty sure she finished with her best time! she was fast!  we ran the first 7 miles together.

june continued to be hot. le bonheur children's hospital had its grant opening ceremony. it won't open until december but they wanted to have the celebration on the original birthday of le bonheur.
le bonheur knows how to put on a show!

april and i trying to stay cool. i really needed a shower afterwards.

next up: cardiac kids camp! my department loaned me out for a week so that i could be a counselor for le bonheur's heart camp. it was held at lakeshore about 1 hour from jackson, tn.

the camp really surprised me! most of the cardiologists and heart surgeons came to teach or just hang out with the kids. here is dr. goldburg drawing a picture of the heart!

he did an amazing job! he actually told us he had a heart defect himself. the kids that attend this camp range from ages 8-18 and all have some sort of heart problem.

look at all the wine glasses the kids decorated! time for my plug!  i am a member of TWIGS, an organization that raises money for le bonheur.  we put on the enchanted forest: the festival of trees. basically, organizations in the community decorate trees (a lot of them!) and it is held at he pink palace.  santa is there as well for the kids to see!  back to the wine glasses.  TWIGS host a preview party the night before the enchanted forest is open to the public.  these wine glasses are sold at the party to raise more money for le bonheur.  if you would like to come, it is nov 19 and tickets are on sale now.

such a pretty view! sorry i didn't post any pics of the kiddos.

the docs had pig hearts the kids dissected.  fun! 

some of the awesome cardiac le bonheur people i met!

i really learned a lot about the heart! 

jenni and i:  she came up for the day!  we work together.

we didn't just dissect hearts, listen to power points, etc...  we rock climbed, swam, hiked, and much more! this was my 1st rock climbing adventure! i was a little nervous.

 see this girl on my left? well, she beat me!  i didn't even make it to the top but i did the best i could. she also beat me to heaven. she ended up passing away a month later due to compilations from a surgery. she had an amazing spirit and i've never seen an example of Jesus in a teen as i saw in her. her faith was contagious and i know she is dancing with Jesus today.