Sunday, October 12, 2014

where is the tape player?

Do y'all even know what this is?

This is a cassette adapter that I use to play my iPhone in my car. 

I know, 1985 called and they want their New Kids on the Block tape back.

Do you know what Kyle said when we bought our 2nd car with cash?

"Where is the tape player?"

Then I said "oh no, how will we listen to our iPhones?"
Who says that when we live in 2014?

So, if you've been following our journey to become debt-free, you know that we bought our 1st "new to us" 2005 van with cash in March! (click to read that story here). Well, WE DID IT AGAIN at the end of June. We ended up getting a 2004 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer-fully loaded!) 

We went from a 2002 Tahoe with 228,000 miles to a 2004 loaded Expedition with 133,000 miles. By loaded, I mean a DVD player, the 3rd row folds down by pushing a button, 6 disc CD changer, and such. After we sold our Tahoe, we only paid $4,100 for it. BAM!  I think that is a pretty awesome upgrade. 

Another goal met!!! 

We are slowly getting to where we want to be! 

In our automobile life right now, we are in the stage when they were phasing out tape players and going strictly to CD  players. This was before the iPhone so there are no iPhone aux cable plug-ins for cars. 

And that my friends is an example of the sacrifices we are making to pay off our house!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

baby you're a firework!

Charlie turned 4 months old on the 4th of July! 

We started the day off with a run! I pushed these 2 in the B.O.B stroller!

Look at my happy little man! I love him and his cute smocked outfit given to him by nana.

This little stinker would not smile! He wanted to show me his fish face!

The best I could get with them together!

Nana and Pops came in town and stayed in a hotel so we could take a dip in the pool!
Jonah loved it!

It wasn't too hot out either!

Jonah is all-American!

Charlie said "hey what's this flying saucer thing I'm in?" He likes it!

How cute are all my boys in their red seersucker outfits?! You can't tell but daddy matches! 

Loved these crazy times with 2 under 2! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

4 months old and 21 months old

On July 4th, Charlie turned 4 months old. 

He is sleeping great at night!


always smiling

he loves those hands

just realized he is in the same PJs as in the 14 weeks pic.

his check-up
14.15 lbs
25 inches long

Charlie has started to:
sit in the "flying saucer"
moved his rock-n-play from the middle of our bed to the floor
then we laid it flat (instead of reclined)
we moved his infant tub from the kitchen to the bathtub
he loves to watch his brother
he loves to laugh

Jonah is 21 months and he started to:
still only saying mama, dada, baba
loves cucumbers and bell peppers

I'm surviving having 2 under 2 and working full time!

sweet summertime

I'm back to being behind. I really what to remember these sweet, crazy moments with my 2 under 2. So here is what all went on in the month of June.

My maternity leave came to an end on June 24. As you can tell Charlie (3 months) was not happy about it. It was nice to have 16 weeks off!

Baby Toms, Mama Toms-sweet Jonah feet!

Jonah  (20 months) got his 3rd hair cut from Aunt Connie.

She loves him!

Kyle was out of town for 2 weeks and I had some great help from my mom and MIL. We'd facetime everyday and this is one of the great pics I sent him. Happy Father's Day (I don't even know what we did for Father's Day?!) 

I had my 3rd illness in a year. My cough came back. So my doctor made get an XRay but all was clear. Babies take all of my energy and nutrition! 

I did a freezer meal workshop. It was great because when I went back to work, it was easy and stress less to meal plan. Plus Kyle and are are trying real hard to get to all clean eating. No t.v. dinners at our house. So we really have to meal plan. Saves money and our health! So if you'd like more info, visit here.

He is in the Bumbo!

Can you see the bags under my eyes?! But Charlie is so cute and worth it!

Charlie had his 1st budget meeting. He agrees because we have enough money for his diapers!

Arm wrestling!

Playdate time!!
The new babies (up top) and the old gang (on the bottom). Maddox, Eli, and Jonah are all graduates from Rara's and we miss her!

Even Jonah eats clean! We are on a smoothie kick! YUM!

Thanks to my SIL and BIL, Kyle and I got to go on a date night! Low and behold, it was FREE! Kyle got tickets because he is good like that! We went to Snowden Grove and and heard the music of Les Mis. It was great! And a beautiful night! 

Another free show...
We all went to the Levitt Shell to hear Rosanne Cash. 

Everyone came! However, it was short lived because it was Jonah's bedtime! 

2 under 2 shopping
I told both rug rats to the grocery store solo. It would have been a good idea if I didn't go to Aldi where you have to bag your groceries. But the kids did great!

Charlie is reading about his future. 

Fun in the sun!

The Splash Pad
Jonah, granddaddy, and I went to the splash park. It was so much fun!

Jonah had to warm up but after he did, he loved it!

He loved it!

Sweet snuggles

Jonah is trying to share. But I told him that Charlie can only have his Mama's milk! Such a sweet guy thought though.

Brothers. I hope and pray they are the best of friends!

Leah and I went to a paint party! So glad she is here now!

Mickey Mouse presents...
Prince Charles!!

I tell people all the time that I was prepared to have such a bad year. Bad as in no sleep and craziness because of the 2 under 2. But so far, it is not bad a all. It has times where I think I might jump off a bridge. But for the most part, I love it!

Friday, July 25, 2014

MAY the forth be with you

Here are the happenings for the month of May.
I loved my maternity leave. Especially since I had a lot of help and got to hang with friends!

The Prince of England came to Memphis for a wedding and everyone was so excited about it. 
But Prince Charles didn't know what the big deal was? He was already in town!


May the 4th be with you!

Lisa's dad came in town for a book signing!

I'm hanging with the famous author!

See...he has business cards!

The next night was John's wedding. We didn't have a sitter so Kyle stayed home.


Rain on your wedding day is good luck right? Especially if it's outside!

The groom!

wedding selfie!

Jonah is ready to be a member of the award-winning, grand-champ BBQ, the Bluff City Bulldogs

he loves bath time!

Charlie selfie!

I was brave and took them both outside in the heat. The umbrella flew down and tore our window screen. It was not a good day to be brave! But Jonah had fun at the water table! And no one was hurt. I say that is a good day.

Next up: Zoo Brew
Our friend Abbey is the marketing director at the Memphis Zoo and needed volunteers to help pour beer for their very large fundraiser, Zoo Brew.
Betsy & I served Indian beer. We worked HARD!

They had a DJ so I did a little dance with my pumping bag and water on my way out! We worked the entire time! This is a big money maker for the zoo. 

I did my 1st post pardum 5k! And Kyle won 1st in his age group. This was my time not his!

Charles thinks that life is good!

Kyle went out of town for 2 weeks to LSU to attend banking school. Nana came and stayed with us the 1st week.
It was SO helpful having her with a 2 month old and 19 month old!

Multiple uses for the grill...

Nana stayed an extra night so that I could go to Cindy's graduation party. She is a PharmD!! Dr. Cindy, congrats!
My date was Charlie!

He was the life of the party!

Love these girls!

There was one night when I was by myself while Kyle was out of town between Nana leaving and granny coming. The Brasher sisters came over to help me with bedtime.

They brought pizza! It meant so much to me!

Wow, what a busy and fun month! Oh yeah-don't forget about the hot water leak under our slab! was your month of May?!