Monday, July 30, 2012

award-winning bluff city bulldogs: part 2

Read part one here. My MIL and I left the boys after the judging to go to the Cotton District Arts Festival.

What an interesting ice cream maker!

Lots and lots of tents to buy pretty things!
We were half way through the tents when Kyle called me. He was like a kid on Christmas morning. He said "Angie....WE WON 2ND in RIBS! We have to go to the baseball game to get our trophy!"

Mind you, the boys stayed up all night smoking ribs. His plan was to go to bed. But plans changed when the  winners were announced! He also said that the boys wanted me and my MIL to come on the field to accept the award. They said if it wasn't for us, they would not have won. And I agree! They needed a woman's touch with the decorations for the on-site judging!

So we had to rush and leave the festival so we could be on the field before the game started to accept the award.

Kyle made me take tons of pics of the field.

The trophies!

MSU was playing Tennessee so I had to take a shot! I still have to cheer for the orange!

The icing on the cake! MIL and me!

I got the BEST action shot of Greg accepting the award for the team!

Bluff City Bulldogs-an award winning team!

Alex was on a team with his family. How cute is his little one?! His team won something too!

They wanted lots of pics of the award winning team! ha! Kyle went to the house and took a nap. I stayed with my in-laws and watched the baseball game. MSU ended up winning after 13 innings!

After the baseball game, we met Kyle and went to the spring football game. We got to sit in the suite!

My poor hubs..he was tired and excited all at once. We didn't get to stay for the Sugarland show because we had to get back home so Kyle could teach Financial Peace University at our church.

What a fun weekend!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

award-winning bluff city bulldogs: part 1

In April, Kyle and his Bluff City Bulldogs BBQ team entered the BBQ contest in Starkville, MS during Super Bulldog weekend. Kyle was in heaven. He was smoking BBQ in his favorite city.

I was the only wife that came up. And I was the official photographer!
moving the ribs

trying out different smokers.

Greg's homemade smoker

the boys hard at work

Kyle and Chris

checking the temp-it needs to be 250 to 275.

the line of smokers.

This competition had on site judges. My MIL and I asked what type of decorations they had. They had none. So my MIL (Kyle's mom) came through! We used her stuff to decorate the table for the judges. They needed a woman' touch!
Our decorations!

It looked GREAT-the part my MIL and I did!

The ribs for the blind judging.

Look at that ring!

I was also the official taste tester. I said they should win! You know it's good when you have sauce all over your face.

The team: Kyle-Greg-Chris-Hayes

I was in a good place to take pictures of the judges coming to the tent to taste test.

The salesman Greg, explaining the difference in each smoker.

The crew watching Greg work his magic.

The judges took their places.

Greg still at work

Kyle preparing the ribs

Here they go

The crew introducing themselves

Do you see that rib? NOTHING left on the bone!

So what place did they get? Stay tuned for the next blog!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th wedding anniversary

Happy 4 years (well, in April!) I kept of thinking of our anniversary last year and how it was spent on a cruise! I think all wedding anniversaries should have a day off. Epically since only 50% of them last. It is a big accomplishment!

Kyle and I follow the traditional wedding gifts. Year 4 is fruit and flowers. It was so hard to find a boy gift with fruit and/or flowers! Finally I gave up and ordered him an edible arrangement (the obvious gift.) He was on weight watchers and I figured a fruit basket would be better than a cookie one! So I had it delivered to his work. I made it manly by placing it in football! It was his 1st flowers delivered to him at work! haha! He called me that morning to thank me for his bouquet.

I kept telling my co-workers that Kyle was getting me the same thing! I just knew it because he was wanting to know if I'd be at work all day on our anniversary. Come to find out, Kyle had arranged to drive down to deliver my edible arrangement himself. See, I knew he was getting me the same thing!

It was a little crazy with the surprise. I went to lunch with my co-worker and my manager called her while we were eating and told her to stall me because Kyle was on his way. She did a great because I had no clue!

I walked in my office and Kyle was sitting at my desk with my edible arrangement! However, Kyle was a little smarter and got me small bouquet and a massage. I went all out and got him lots of fruit. He was totally jipped! But hey, I'm carring our love child. Isn't that enough?! HA! We both spent A LOT of money on some fruit. Those things are expensive.

Our classic anniversary photo!

I have to show off the fruit since it costed a butt load of money!

Kyle's football

Look! a pinapple made into a 4. This is how I ended up spending so much money. Add ons like these!

My strawberries.

Kyle and I are so much alike. I told him that I googled a coupon code to get $5 off. He said he did the same thing!  This is why we are MFEO meant for each other.

Monday, July 9, 2012

baby expo

Mom and I went to the Baby expo in April. My mom is out of control. She is so excited about being a grandma. She has been wanting to be a grandma for years. Even before I met Kyle. Then when Kyle and I were only dating she told him she was ready. I told her that we should probably get married first! So glad Kyle didn't bail when she said that! HA! I am telling you, she is beyond excited.

My loot.
I won a door price. I wish I would've taken a picture of the pickles and ice cream they were giving out.

Mom's loot.
Every person we met, mom would point to my belly and say "this is my grandchild!" I mean EVERY person. I think she thought I was the only pregnant person there. It was hilarious!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Easter Eve

Easter Eve was spent at our friend's house (Chris and Lauren) smoking some BBQ. Kyle and his BBQ team had a gig coming up and needed to practice. Then we all went to the Easter Eve service at the Levitt Shell.

Fergie seeing me for the 1st time with child!

We only went to the Shell that one time in the spring. We've been so busy that we didn't get to go anymore. But we plan to be in full action next season with our sweet pea! 

UTM-tonight, we are YOUNG

I went to the University of Tennessee at Martin. It took me 5 years to finish since I changed majors. Which makes it 10 years since I graduated! My how time flies and times change.

Well, I got an invite for the young alum meet up in Memphis for April. I was SO excited! This kind of stuff makes my day and I love to see old friends. Right when I got the invite, I forwarded it to all my college friends that live in Memphis. Being the nerd I am, I immediately RSVP'd. However, some of my friends did not get the invite. We came to realize that this event was for the young alum-you had to have graduated within the last 10 years.

So if I would've graduated on time, I would've been considered an old alum. This girl IS NOT OLD! I was applaud! Some of my friends graduated before me but since we know the young alum director, they got to come!

I didn't know a whole lot of people (besides my friends). I'd say I recognized about 6 others. But they  all were "young!"

Look at those youngsters! Shelly and Cindy! They are singing "Toooooooonight....we are YOUNG!" by Fun.

April and Kristy. Kristy knew a lot of the young alums since most of them went to the high school where she was their guidance counselor! She felt very old!

Steph and I was on the 5 year plan so we barely made it! We are young (but it's about to be over)

3 of the 6 of us were considered young. And the 3 of us were on the 5 year plan so really we all are all old! What a fun time to relive college days! Maybe they can extend the young alums to the past 15 to 20 years!!!