Saturday, June 28, 2014

3 month-old charlie, 20 month-old jonah

Charlie was 3 months old on June 4. 

Sweet boy!

my little Charlie Brown

Giving a smile!


seriously, every week mom?

He's so cute!

This month he slept 10 hours one night!
He typically sleeps 8-9 hours.
He started to sit in his bumbo!
He loves to eat his hands
He laughs a lot
smiles all the time

I LOVE this stage!

Jonah is 20 months:

He went to the splash pad for the 1st time
He loves to open the garage
He likes spins in circles
He is saying "bababa"
Kicks his orange ball
throws his ball
He loves the hungry Caterpillar book

Sunday, June 8, 2014

mother's day party of 2

I had my 1st Mother's Day with Charlie! 

We went to Starkville on Friday night so that we could spend time with Mimi and Nana. 

And Kyle had to swing in a baseball game. 
Nana and Pops kept the boys so Kyle and I could go. 

Mimi insisted that Jonah ride on her Cadillac. He loved it. 

Mimi and her offspring. 

This is the only way I could get a picture with Mimi and her 2 great-grandboys.

Charilie is loving it! 

We came back Saturday night so that Kyle could be back in time to teach FPU at church. 
Later that day. my parents came over while I went to a movie to see Mom's Night Out with the girls in my small group.

Every day is Mother's day! So blessed to have a wonderful mom and mother-in-law!