Sunday, October 30, 2011

kaught in the kitchen

Kyle and I agree on a clean kitchen. When I say clean, I mean no dishes can be left in the sink. We take the extra 3 seconds and put the dish in the dishwasher. Simple. We are by no means neat freaks. Our baker's rack gets dusty, our table collects all the junk mail, etc. I am on a mission to find a solution for that! Ideas anyone? We were doing great at the beginning of the year. We had check list of chores to do each day so we would not have to spend all weekend cleaning. Well, that lasted until May when the sheet ran out. Oops.

So we're trying to get back on track! Kyle made us a new check list to last until the end of the year. Kyle started it off right and deep cleaned the fridge. He loves doing that. And I love that he loves to do it too! This is why he is my toilet paper husband! Let the cleaning begin!

september in starkville

I felt like I didn't see Kyle much in September. With his part time job 2 nights a week and me being a football widow at times, we have to make the most out of our time together. Oh it gets better.  He went to Dallas for 3 days (Sept 21-23). So on Tuesday night he had trivia (part-time job), early Wednesday morning he flew to Dallas, Friday at 11pm he got back. Then early Saturday we left for Starville for some football or as I call it tailgating and eating lots of food. I'm tired again from typing that.

This was my 1st home game of the season. Louisiana Tech played Mississippi State and they barley over time.

Ryan and Kyle (and coach Dan in the middle). College roommates.

We stayed the night in Starkville and ate breakfast at City Bagel. It is a quaint spot in Starville and they serve some mean bagels. Yummy! Then we drove home and cooked out with my parents. Finally, I got to see my hubby all weekend!

Friday, October 28, 2011

the september saga

For some reason, September was such a busy month for us! Kyle went down to Starkville for the Mississippi State vs Louisiana State football game on Thursday (the weekend of Sept 16). Of course I have no pictures from the game! He took off on Friday since it was a Thursday night game. On Friday, he went to his hometown to his high school homecoming football game to see some old friends.

I stayed in town because I had big plans!

On Friday, I parked my jeep at work and I saw this piece of sod at a parking meter.

I was really confused. Why were they sodding the concrete? That makes no sense. Do these men not know that you need to have dirt to grow grass.

Oh, it was Park(ing) Day! Who knew?! Basically it is a day where parking meters are turned into temporary parks. It was fun to watch the parks construct from my window all morning.

Jen and I walked around and saw some of the parks. Look--a bison in the street! You know Shelby Farms had to have a parking spot!

I decided to go camping at mud island park!

Not sure what this was but they took old tires and made them into see-saws. All my UT-Martin ADPi's...this reminds me of teeter-totter!

The Memphis Roller Derby was right under my window. We didn't get to look at all the parks but next year I hope to spend more time at them. And not get caught off guard by men laying sod at a meter.

Then, Jen and I went to Harbor town for mani/pedis for my belated birthday present! Very relaxing! Thanks Jen!

Saturday was the annual Women run/walk 5k hosted by the Memphis Runners Track Club. It is a 10 week program for beginner walkers to advanced runners. I did the advance class with Danielle, my director at work. Also, my manager Sheila completed the walk along with our other manager Jill.
Danielle had a PR (personal record) and won 2nd in her age group for the runners. Jill won 2nd in her age group for the walkers! Sheila completed her 1st 5k. Good job girls!!

April and I before the race!
This is such an encouraging program to be a part of. I highly recommend you do this if you live in Memphis! It is held the same time every year. 

Then I joined some of my bible study girls and hung out at the Cooper Young Festival. Don't you love our cool sun glasses thanks to Comcast?!

I had such a fun, busy weekend. I think my favorite part was the 5k. All the women that completed the 5k reached a goal. Whether it was to finish or to beat their previous time. I love to see people do more than they think they can do. There were women of all shapes and sizes and all different paces. We supported each other to keep it up and get healthy! We did it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

football widow

The 2nd weekend in September Kyle got last minute tickets to see Mississippi State play at Auburn. Kyle and his friend Jeff drove to Rosewell (outside Altanta) to stay with Tony (a family friend). 
View from their seats.

 Tony, Kyle, and Jeff at Toomer's corner. This is the tree that the crazy Bama fan tried to kill. So glad that Tony is a picture taker!!!

Question-what was your favorite memory of your trip?  

Kyle-"the war eagle smashed into the sky box. I think he got confused and saw his reflection and BAM! It is an Auburn tradition to have the eagle fly around the stadium before the game. He is ok, but I really felt bad for the poor guy."

Kyle-"I also enjoyed my breakfast I had at the Mancuso Bed and Breakfast. (we call Tony's house that!) It was so good-real bacon and an omelet biscuit."

I call myself a football widow. But it is really not that bad. I really enjoy going to the games, mostly to eat at the tailgates. The food is amazing! I could have a husband who loves to hunt and I surely would not be going with Kyle to do that. There is no food at the deer stand and no talking. I would not survive! So I am thankful for his love of football and that it is such a family event. We get to see his family AND eat. What more could I ask for? I am glad I enjoy his past time!

I had great weekend myself-my parents and I went to the Drive-In! Brings back memories of when I was a kid! Then I ran a 10k. Fun times!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

georgia girls

My office mate, April, invited Jen and I down to her parents new lake house in Georgia Labor Day weekend. We had a great girls trip!
Day 1: we relaxed and relaxed.
Day 2: We relaxed and layed out. Later that night, we had a great meal!

Jen is an amazing cook and April's parents have THE perfect kitchen! Jen was in heaven.

While Jen cooked, I hung out in the claw bath tub! (yes I have my clothes on for the photo op!)

I did make the salad! It was yum! We had chicken and potatoes too! And don't forget Jen's strawberry crunch dessert! 

Every morning, Jen and I had a coffee drink. I need one of these in my house. I really need one that makes pumpkin spice lattes year round!

Jen and I went on a hike. We found the lake and some other critters!

On Sunday, we went to visit April's family. Their house was featured in Southern Living. I loved their lake house!

For dinner, April took us to a place so we could try Georgia's BBQ. And I give them props, it was yum!

I kind of felt bad for living it up in the theatre room while the opening weekend of college football was going on. Kyle would've been in heaven in this movie room!

At least I took advantage of it! April's mom called us the divas! I could get used to this.

How cute is April's nephew's room?! ARRRR matey!
All in all, we had a great girl's trip! Thanks to April's family for letting us visit and thanks to April for letting us tag along! I hope to come back soon!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

maybe it was memphis

Football has begun. Well, a month ago it did. So I'm a month behind. Who's keeping tabs? Kyle and I went to the Memphis State (I'm old school and won't call it the University of Memphis) vs Mississippi State game at the Liberty Bowl. It was a Thursday night and after work, we joined my cousin Brett's tailgate. Maybe it's just in Memphis, but I got some really interesting pictures!

I hate I did not get a side view of this El Camino.  

 This was my 2nd favorite picture: a tiger peeing (blue pee) on a bulldog and the very loud cowbell.

We met up with Jen and Leon. Jen and I found Susan (on the right) and crashed her tailgate. She works with us. 

My favorite picture. These guys love their coach. Mullets for Mullen. I had to snag them for a picture. However, I did not see them at the last Mississippi State home game I went to. 

And and my football obsessed husband! He asked why I was wearing blue. I wore a teal, blue shirt, a Mississippi State bracelet, and a Mississippi State sticker. I was a confused fan. I cheered for both teams. Let's face it, we all know how bad Memphis is. They needed some fans!