Sunday, February 8, 2009

2nd part of 2008

Our 2nd honeymoon: In May 2008, I had to complete my hours to renew my child life certification. The conference was in sunny san diego…or so we thought. The next day I had classes and kyle decided to check out the town. It rained, and rained, and rained! They get about 10 inches of rain a year and they got 3 inches while we were there. But we had a great time. We visited the old town, coronado island, and la jolla! I think my favorite was la jolla. There is a spot at the beach where they built a beach for the kids and the sea lions and seals took over! Everywhere I visit, I want to move there. San diego is one of those places!

La Jolla, CA

kyle would drive like the flintstones if he drove this!

On Coronado Island
My mother-in-law came in June to help us clean out our garage. It really is a lot of stuff when two people who have two houses come together with even more wedding gifts! She was great and is a must when we need to clean out anything. I highly recommend her! She even came over before I moved in to clean the house of all boy germs! (kyle had two roommates!) We even filmed kyle driving my jeep in the garage. It was a tender moment for kyle. I should have taken before and after pictures!

Last year was full of job changes as well. I left my job at Baptist so that I could work days and I left my job at the Mississippi Department of Health to get benefits and paid time off, etc! I took a job at le bonheur children’s medical center in july so I could have it all. I work in the LEAD department. (le bonheur early intervention and development). I do community outreach for children birth to 3. We are also a united way agency. If you give to united way, you can designate your money to our department!

On to fall time. My husband was raised to only love the Mississippi State bulldawgs! My in-laws both went to MSU as did my husband and sister-in-law. They love the town of starville so much that they bought a 2nd house there! I only went to 3 games last fall but I always enjoy myself with all the food at the tailgates! Every time I go to Starkville to a game, I feel like I missed out during my college days! I was on the pom squad for 2 years in college and cheered basically to the band that had to be there as well. I went to the University of Tennessee at Martin and we were excited if we won one game a year! It is refreshing to see a school so supportive of their team even when they have a losing season (sorry kyle!) Don’t get me wrong, I loved my school and made lifetime friends and memories that I wouldn’t trade for any winning SEC football season!

The McCoy's doing what they love!

In fact, I made so many memories at UT Martin that I took kyle to homecoming! Since I see his campus so often, I thought it would only be fair that I brag about my school! We went with some of my college friends and stayed at their parents’ home in Sharon, TN about 10 minutes from campus. We had a really good time. And get this; UT Martin now has a winning football team! We even went to the game. Mostly to see the half time show with TSU’s band! They rock! I got to give kyle a tour of campus and even went to my old apartment to borrow something, and that’s another story…my ADPi sisters know what I’m talking about! Of course Kyle wanted to move there. Being from a small town, he fit right in and already had a house for us to live in! Martin is great for college…and that’s it!

kyle never really knew what a skyhawk was...he was so happy to see him in person!

my adpi sisters!
kelli and i at the game...we spent a lot of time on this field!

I am still not done with 2008! Hopefully one more post and I will be current!