Saturday, December 31, 2011

pinterest party

Now I've made two things on pinterest. My friend Shelly hosted a pinterest party. BYOC-bring your own crafts! We met on a Saturday in November and made the ideas we saw on pinterst. I met Jen at Hobby Lobby beforehand and bought the stuff to make my wreath.

Mariana and her burlap wreath in the making.

Shelly made 2 wreaths! She's super crafty!

Mariana also decorated hair clips and Jen made a winter wreath.

Final products! We need to do it again.

While I was crafting all day, Kyle went to Starkville yet again to go to a football game. He was a VIP AGAIN! He got VIP passes for the Bulldog bash. He got to see the Avett Brothers and Jake Owen from the VIP booth. So I guess he can get VIP passes without me. I thought I was the one who "knew" people. Guess not!

food for finance: resolutions-boomer style

(healthy) food for finance is a column where we talk about how fitness and finance correlate with each other. join us on our journey to be both physically and financially fit.

Of course I think I have the cutest dogs in the world! They truly are man's woman's best friend. Boomer has always been festively plump. He's just big boned. Min Pins are supposed to weigh anywhere from 8-12 pounds. My Boomer usually weighs in around the 19 pound range. Like I said, he is big boned.

Boomer in his winter sweater. Min Pins are cold blooded and need to keep warm.

I took him for his yearly exam and he'd gained 2.5 pounds. Percentage wise, that is a lot for Boom. I was really worried because we don't feed him table food and we had not changed anything. His treats consist of carrots. The vet mentioned it could be his thyroid so I had that checked and it was not that. She then talked about prescription dog food. I said we'd start that once he finished his other light dog food.

Boomer waiting for the vet.

About 3 weeks later, I had to take Boomer in for an infection and he'd gained another 1.5 pounds! I was mortified! How could this happen under my watch? Especially when Kyle and I are healthy people!! I talked to my vet about my concerns and she said "the good news is that you are not in denial about his weight." It was hilarious! She went on to say "some dog owners don't recognize their dog's weight problems." I felt like she was saying "I'm glad you know your dog is fat...that is the 1st step to recovery!"  She gave me a good pep talk about how to get my dog to lose weight. Like I didn't know HOW to do that. I wanted to say "lady, do you know WHO you're talking to here? I am the queen of helping people lose weight. Have you met my husband?"  Then I realized, my dog is fat and I have done nothing to help him. No wonder she gave me weight loss education.

We bought the expensive dog food and started Boomer on his new life style change. He gets 1/4 c of food in the morning and 1/4 c of food at night with about 7 green beans. The vet said most dogs are over fed because the recommendations are based on dogs who are active. Most dogs lay on the couch all day and rarely exercise. In turn, they eat more food and the dog food companies make more money. So, if your dog is not walking 2 miles a day, feed them less than what the dog food bag says. It will save you money and your dog some pounds. Better yet, walk them every day!

Update: Kyle took Boomer in a week later for his check up for the infection and he'd lost 1.2 pounds! YAY!
We take him in for monthly weigh-ins. He is FOR REAL on a plan. We don't play!

Moral of this story: We learned that WE control what our dogs eat, how much exercise they get, etc. Take care of your furry kids. Don't be like us! When we got married, Boomer lost 3 pounds. We became complacent. We love our dogs and want them around for a long time!  Boomer started his resolution a couple of months early. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

THE game of the century

The moment finally came! THE game of the century happened on November 5, 2011. I am not talking about the LSU vs Alabama game (Champ game round one played at the same time). I am talking about the University of Tennessee at Marin Skyhawks vs the Mississippi State University Bulldogs.

Why was this game such a big deal to me?  I married into a family that their life revolves around MSU sporting events. Kyle was brain washed to love MSU and go to school there so he did! His grandfather, mother, father, sister all went to MSU. I went to school at UT-Martin. BIG DEAL! Our schools met for a showdown! OHH YEAHHHH!!!

So in October of 2010, it was announced that MSU would play UT-Martin in football. I was a little excited to say the least. Ok-Ok, I was more than excited. I started emailing all my friends so that they could plan to come 13 months in advance! This was the 1st time these 2 teams had met.

Not all of my college friends could make it down to the game because one of our non UT-Martin friends was getting married. But some did come. I was sad to miss her wedding but was very excited about THE game I'd been looking forward to all year!

Friday night we loaded up the Tahoe and went down to Starkville. My in-laws have a game house and were very sweet to let us stay there since they could not make the game.

Wait a minute...Mariana is buying MSU swag. Trader! She did not go to UTM or MSU but decided to be a MSU fan. I forgave her.

Kyle and Mariana making tailgate food.

I was a little disappointed that Fergie totally jumped ship and was a MSU fan. She got her undergrad and masters at UTM. A true trader!  Thanks Kristy for being a true Skyhawk fan!

I've always wanted to say this: A house divided!

Our master griller Kyle. He was in a house full of women for 2 days. He gets the prize for the most patient man!

Oh wait-now I see it. Another UTM graduate is being a trader. Kristy has on a bulldog sticker?

AND she has a cowbell?! Am I the only one here that is loyal to my Alma Mater?

Shame shame girls....Kyle took them to get cowbells. Breaks my heart. How could Kyle do this to me? The fallen angels. 

Kajuanda! We work together. Since she graduated from MSU-I won't make fun of her shirt.

Look what we have here. 6 UTM ADPIs!!!
Kristy is a guidance counselor at a school in Shelby County and 3 of her graduates are in school at UTM. And they are ADPIs! We had to pose for a sorority shot. I almost didn't let Fergie in the picture since she is a trader!

We found the most school spirited student. "Pom pon" man. 

Mariana and I waiting for the DogWalk.

Up until now, this day was a big deal for me and a fun day for Kyle to see me so excited. But the day kept on getting better. You see, Shelly (in the picture below) is loyal UTM fan. It just so happens that her dad is the athletic director for UTM. Shelly called Kyle and offered him an all access pass for the game.

True Skyhawk fan Shelly and me!

All access pass?!  My husband was the MOST excited person I'd ever seen. All access means he could get on the field during the game. He wanted to be in the stadium 60 minutes before the game started so he could just stand there in awe! He was so funny. He told me he wanted to jump up and down like a 5 year old but had to contain himself. I got to go on the field with him for about 5 minutes and I am so glad I did! I got some great photo shots.

Perfect Halloween picture: I pretended to be Erin Andrews and since Kyle had on maroon pants, I called him coach Kyle Kooley (knock off of Derek Dooley's orange pants).  Look at the player on the right warming up.

Coach Kyle on the field getting the team ready for the BIG game!

He looks like he belongs there.

The real coach Dan Mullen. Kyle took my camera and went crazy with the pictures.

What a treat. He is on the field and the game is the UTM game!

I finally met up with the girls to watch some football.

GO SKYHAWKS! I am sure those girls are thrilled to be cheering at a SEC game. A bit different than the Skyhawk field back home. I know I would've been super excited since I am an old UTM pom pon girl myself!

Kyle spent the whole 1st quarter on the field. He high-fived one of the running backs after a touch down. He ran up and down the field. He was at the goal line when the guys ran out. He took full advantage of his VIP pass!

Where's Kyle? He is on the left (4th person) in his maroon pants. The picture came from the MSU football facebook page. Proof Kyle was a big-wig for a day!

Kyle called me after the 1st quarter and told me I could get in the sky box with him to see the Danes (Shelly's family). On the way up to the sky box, he told me this was the 2nd most favorite day of his life. I said "2nd to marrying me right?" He said "of course!"  Then I said "you would've never had this day if you had never met me!" He then said "yes, that is why it is the 2nd most favorite day of my life!" HA!

VIP'ing with the Danes!

Ah, the life of a VIP is hard...

The Dane sisters!

I knew the whole time that the game would be a blow out. But it is all the school spirit that makes me happy. Kyle could not thank Mr.Dane enough for letting him come and hang out with the big "dogs"!! He still talks about what a great time he had and how he probably will never get a chance to do that again.

This is what I told Kyle: "I told you I was excited about the UTM vs MSU game. I KNOW people and get things done!!" (Like I knew this would happen!! HAHA). But hey, he'll remember THE game of the century for the rest of his life! You're welcome Kyle!!

girls night out & basketball champ

To end my October festivities, Betsy invited us to the Junior League Of Memphis Merry Marketplace girls night out. I was so proud-I bought a few Christmas gifts. It did feel a bit weird seeing Christmas stuff out in October.


That very weekend, Kyle went home to play in a high school alumni basketball tournament that he helped organize. He was in the oldest group. The team he was on graduated from 1999 to 2002. Guess who won? Kyle's team! He beat the boys that just graduated. I asked him what he won. He said pride. I recently just found out that Kyle was a pretty good basketball player back in the day. He was MVP of his district his senior year. I told him if I would've known that when I met him, maybe I would've married him sooner =)

Monday, December 26, 2011

famous runners

Kyle trained for the full marathon. I decided to train with him in case I decided to be crazy and run it too. In October, the Memphis Runners hosted the 2nd 10 miler of the Road Race Series. Since Kyle and I have been running races, we always see those crazy runners who finish the race, then keep on running. Why would they do that?

Me: Kyle, they just ran 10 miles WITH hills and now they are running more. Are they crazy?
Kyle: I want to be them one day.

If you can't beat them, join them!

Since we were training for a full marathon, we needed to run 14 miles the day of the 10 mile race. So after the 10 mile run, we joined the crazies and ran 4 extra miles! YAY! It was so much fun to have people looking at us like we lost our minds! We were "those" people!!! And if you've ever been to Shelby Forest, then you know we were extra crazy for running the hills. But hey, we had to get our 14 mile run in.

To reward ourselves and to make sure we did not pass out for lack of food, we ate brunch (if you want to call eating a hamburger at 10am brunch) at the General Store.

It was good! The people were very friendly.

For all you foodies, they have a steak nite on Fridays and we plan to visit soon!

I should also point out that the above picture was taken during our "extra miles." Oh it gets better. The very next week I had a friend tell me I was on the home page of the Memphis Runners Track Club website. Say what?? As of today (12/26/11) we are still on the slide show. We are the 7th picture that pops up. We were the only picture but we got moved because of updated ones but still made the cut! HA! I am easily amused by things. Can you tell? I need to start charging for my running photos. I was also on the St. Jude Marathon home page (a very tiny me) and on posters! Who knew I'd be so famous?! Again, easily amused! Autographs will be signed upon request! On a serious note, I would've never imagined Kyle would be training for a FULL marathon when we got married. You need to read his weight loss journey. It is an amazing story. And now he is training for fulls and on a running website! You go Kyle! I'm so proud of you.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

all the single ladies

In October, a bunch of my friends went to Nashville to celebrate Lisa's last few months as a single lady! We painted the town red!

Of course I was the one who had to make a potty break on the way.
But what a fun gas station!!

They sold boats! I pick this one!

Kristy, me, and Shelly thinks someone needs to buy this for our lake trips!

We finally got to Franklin and ate lunch at a cute little deli in the downtown area.
I really like downtown Franklin. It is so very...suburbian meets singer meets hipster meets yuppie all in rolled in one.

After visiting a shoe store, we tasted a little wine at Arrington Vineyards.

Can you see the hot air balloon on the left? That is something I want to do one day (hint hint Kyle!)

Mariana and me hitching a ride on the golf cart.

Cindy lou who!
It was a beautiful fall day. They just had a wedding as we saw the bride walking around.

Cindy, Stephanie, Kristy, me.
Right when we were leaving, they started playing music. It was so packed. I told Kyle we have to go back, bring a picnic, and enjoy the scenery.

Next up: presents at the hotel.
How cute, the bridesmaids got the movie "Bridesmaids" for a gift!

Time to paint the town!!
We ate dinner downtown but I did not like what I had so I won't tell where we went. Look how happy Lisa is!

Amanda! My fellow child life specialist friend!

About to not enjoy my meal.

I was SO happy my old flatmate Lauren showed up! I miss her!

We did some dancing and let me just say, there are some strange cats that hang out in Nashville.
See below.
He looks scary! I really wanted to see someone ride the bull but it never happened.
Since we're an older crew, we didn't stay out late. So I guess we didn't paint the town...we just did a little touch up job.  More like we painted the trim. I am so happy for Lisa that she found someone who wants to share their life with her! She is a very special person and marriage is great! I highly recommend it-but only with the right person! Congrats Lisa! Can't wait to see who the next one is!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

canton flea market

THE flea market of all flea markets is the Canton Flea Market! It is held the 2nd Thursday in October and May in Canton Mississippi. In October I trucked it south to check it out. On Wednesday I stayed with Kyle's cousin Meredith. We got up bright and early on Thursday to check out the goods.

This is just one streets the market engulfs. And it looks small on here but it is so big! I should not have even posted this because it makes it look so small.

I had the best time trying out the teas.

Next time I will bring Kyle and he can be my runner. Some of the women shopped with carts. But that really got on my nerves because it is so crowed, then all the sudden, I got hammered by a lady in her big cart. If you go... bring a runner, sunglasses, and shopping bags. No cart please. Flea market foul!

My mother-in-law told me to eat a chicken on a stick. I didn't. I regret it. Next time I will!

I was in the middle of reading The Help when I went to the flea market so all these things popped in my head. I'm pretty corny and tried to imagine what it would be like in 1962 when we parked in the big backyard of an old southern home. 
This is where I pictured Skeeter living for all you Help fans.

We parked behind this house.

After the market, I visited Mimi and Aunt Eloise then drove back home only to have a rock hit my windshield and crack it. BOO!

I highly recommend going to the Canton Flea Market. And this is coming from a girl and really doesn't enjoy shopping so you know it must be good!