Tuesday, November 20, 2012

EPIC wedding

Our friend Lindy got married the 1st Saturday in November and let me say WOW, it was EPIC!

We started the week going to a "north meets south" party/meet and greet. Lindy is from Massachusetts and moved to Memphis after college. Brad is from Georgia and moved to Memphis for grad school then work. The two of them then moved to Cali last year. The meet and greet was at her parents house with an open bar, a small band, and a clam chowder boil. AMAZING!

They had a lot of out of town guests. They made sure it was worth the trip! The very next day they hosted a golf tourney. The out of town guests were invited to the rehearsal dinner. I heard it was amazing as well (also had a band).

Saturday was wedding day. It was held at the zoo.

Excuse my ghost face. I need new make-up! My parents kept Jonah for our 1st real long outing!

It was pouring on the way and her wedding was outside. We arrived at the zoo and it was still raining. We were greeted with apple cider to drink while the tram took us to the Northwest Passage where the wedding would be held.

Betsy and the Betts

McCoys and Cindy on the tram.

The wedding was held on the rocks in the middle of the water where the sea lion show is held. The side where we entered was where we were to sit. However, it is open and it was really wet (it was still sprinkling). So we went around to the back side where there was covered seating.

On the way to our seats, the cocktail hour bar was already set up. However, everyone was in line for a drink! I don't think that was the plan but the guests didn't seem to mind! When it rains, it pours....drinks that is!

The Brasher sisters. Betsy enjoying a pre-wedding cocktail!
Finally it stopped raining just in time for the wedding

Some of the crew-Cindy, Betsy, me, Kyle, Randi, Cindy waiting on the bride!

It turned out great! They were married under the stars. I really hoped the sea lions would come out and kiss when the bride and groom did.

The next picture is taken from the side where we were supposed to sit and looking to the covered area where we ended up sitting. 


The Sperrys!

After the wedding, cocktail hour officially began. The bar(s) opened back up and the appetizers started flowing. They had an oyster bar, shrimp and grits, scallions, fried green tomatoes, fruit and cheese....and I could go on! Why did I not get a pic?

After cocktail hour, we went took the tram to the Teton Trek for the sit down dinner. We even had assigned seats.

Our table! And what a fun table it was! We had a 3 course meal with wine pairings with each meal. Lindy hand picked the wines from the vineyards in Cali!

Here is the view from upstairs looking down. It was simply amazing! 

I think this might be why she sat us upstairs in the corner....

I did not even get to see the cake but I am sure it tasted great. Lindy had a dessert bar inside so I had my fill. Then outside was the smores bar. And a coffee bar! Then the ice sculpture that shot out a martini drink.

Don't forget about the photo booth!

I really wish I had more pictures! I have never been to a wedding that was this fancy! The BK's know how to throw a PPPParty! We danced to the band all night! It was so nice to have the old gang back for a night.

The next morning was the brunch for the out of towners. EPIC wedding!

And lastly, we went to see Lindy the weekend before her wedding so we could catch up and so she could meet Jonah. I really hope they move back to Memphis. I miss her!

This goes down as the BEST WEDDING EVER! Maybe we'll be in VIP Memphis mag! ha!

one month

November 1st, jonah turned 1 month old. I love him!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Poor Kyle has not been to a football game or tailgate this year. This is a big deal for him. If Kyle could have planned when we had Jonah, I can tell you it would not be smack dab in the middle of football season. Sometimes you can't plan babies (in our case) and Kyle is over the moon about Jonah. That is why we decided to get cable back (it's now in the budget) and start kitchen-gating! We bring the tailgate to us!

Jonah-5 days old. MSU vs Kentucky

Football fans

He already controls the tv!  MSU vs UT. I did have UT socks and a hat but I didn't want to rock the boat.

MSU vs Bama...not a good ending.

My in-laws were in town and Jen & Leon came over to watch football. Poor Jonah was fussy but the food was GREAT!


It is going by too fast! October has passed and now we're in November. I need a pause button!
I wanted to share some moments we've had while Jonah has been home.

He does not look comfy

The boppy is much better!

Growing boy!

Granny gave Jonah his first sponge bath

baby feet

skin-to-skin time with daddy

just a few days old sleeping in Kyle's bassinet when he was a baby.

4 days old at the pediatrician's office for a follow up visit.

he loves his daddy

finally Kyle got to use the Ergo!

all clean

tummy time

 After Steph's baby shower for baby Eli. Jonah did not sleep well the night before and that is why I look oh so tired! He was only 12 days old.


just a swinging

resting on the boppy

He loves bath time!

I survived the 1st month! I had so much help with my mom and MIL that it was so easy. I could not have made it without them!