Monday, May 26, 2014

Food for finance: home ownership horrors

The joys of home ownership. We tend to have to dip into our emergency fund more than we'd like. Let me give you an example of what goes on in our lives. 

For a while now, I've been noticing that part of the floor in the bathroom was warm. Since I'm post-pardum, I thought it was my hormones acting all crazy and didn't think nothing of it. 

Saturday, Kyle showed me a stream of water surrounding our house. It had not rained. 

We called a plumber and he was coming out the next day. 

Then it hit me. 

Could the warm floors (and now warm carpet in the living room) be connected? I did what any normal person does these days. I googled it. 

The "I'm feeling lucky" google search said:
Kyle sent a text to the plumber about the warm floors and he said that was most likely the case. And it was. I'm such a great problem solver...thanks to google!

He had to cut 5 holes in our walls to find the leak. He cut 3 holes in the living room and 2 in the kitchen. Then he cut around the hot water heater.

We were so blessed to have our neighbor give us their plumber's number. It would have been EXPENSIVE to have a plumbing company to come out on a holiday weekend. Thankfully this guy wanted the extra work on his days off. We had someone from our small group come out and confirm what we knew. We have such a sweet church family.

All this to say, I am so happy and thankful to have a fully funded emergency fund. Yay for having a baby step 3! This is the very reason why Kyle and I are on the Dave Ramsey program. Unexpected things are going to happen. We want to be prepared when they do, with our fists up ready to fight! It's annoying to have these things happen (because it delays our long term goal to pay off our house) but not at all stressful. Well, maybe I'm a little stressed that I'm going to be swallowed up in a sink hole. 

Jonah watching handy-man Jose repair the wall. 
Here is an update: we no longer have holey walls! Our wonderful handy man came out to repair them. He also painted our shed. (Happy father's day Kyle!) If you ever need a handy man, I've got the guy for you! He is AMAZING!

Happy home ownership y'all!

charlie 2 months

May 4, 2014 my Prince turned 2 months old. 

love his smile

chicks are all over him

happy boy!

2 months
weight: 12.1 lbs
height: 23 inches

So many firsts for him!
started smiling
1st Easter
1st time to Starkville
1st time to the Levitt Shell (1st concert)
He is sleeping great! It's strange but I love it! 6-8 hours a night.
He still spits up because of the reflux and still sleeps elavated in the Rock-N-Play in our room.

Jonah turned 19 months and he is still not talking.
He loves to put laundry in the dryer
He loves the dishwasher
He started climbing on the couch ALL THE TIME
Loves smoothies

I'm loving my maternity leave!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

the bain wedding

We are always so busy in the spring. Having 2 under 2 has not stopped us from enjoying it! My dear friends Jessica and Jeff got married the last weekend in April. Jessica is the one who delivered Jonah and picked my nurse for Charlie. She is the best! She is also on the award-winning, grand-champ BBQ team (and Jeff too). 

me, Kristy, Rachel, Summer, Katie, Cory, Amy
It is the wives club! And Jessica is official now!

Another date night! It was a beautiful wedding. Perfect weather.

They had the grand-champ BBQ trophies displayed around the grooms cake. 

The happy couple. 

Our babysitters, Nana and Pops. They had a great time! 
7 week-old Charlie and 18 month old Jonah

It was another great and busy weekend. And thanks to Nana and Pops for coming! They always help out. My parents are great too! We have such a supportive family. So thankful 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We had the best Easter weekend! 

On Saturday, our church had an Easter egg hunt so I invited the Betts' so that Eli could come and join the fun.

Eli and Jonah with their dads!

The cuties!

Family picture!

He liked to put them in the basket, then take them out.


in, then, then out

They had fun!

That night, we went to the Easter Eve concert at the Levitt Shell. 
6 week old Charlie and 18 month old Jonah.

Charlie had fun!

Jonah was EVERYWHERE. Kyle had to chase him. I can't even believe that I got this photo with him. While Kyle was chasing him, he ran into our our pediatrician. I think she was a little shocked that we were brave enough to bring both of them!

Besty was a brave sole for coming!

She loved holding Charlie

Jonah will sit for a smoothie

My prince was loving the music.

The next day was Easter.
You can't deny this cuteness in his bunny outfit.

We went to my parents church for Easter. Granny wanted to show off her new grandson.
Jonah was excited to go on another Easter egg hunt!

He had fun (even though he fell and hit his head right before church)

love him!

The family.

My parents came over that night and mom made Easter dinner
I was surprised that Jonah ate it all! 

Charles hanging out.

Easter dinner selfie! Sunday selfie!

It was perfect weather for a perfect Easter weekend. 
He has risen!

iron wedding anniversary

Kyle and I had our 6th wedding anniversary in April. 6 years. wow! 

We went to eat at a place where we had our 1st smooch, Old Venice. Aunt Leah and Uncle Josh babysat for us. We like having them close! 

We do the tradition gifts and this year was iron. So, I got Kyle a gift that was really for me. Oops! But isn't it pretty? I ordered from a friend Kyle grew up with and her business is called Leeper's Metal Works. The voice in my head told me to get a MSU bulldog made for him but my post-pardum self just decided against it! He was sweet and got me earrings from Etsy. They are cute.

I think next year we just need to talk our presents out to each other. Because the gifts are wool or copper. 

The night before our anniversary, we had a date. 

Say what? 2 nights in a row? With a newborn and an 18 month old? 

Kyle had tickets thru his work to attend the Taste of DeSoto. YUM! 
This was a win/win for a breastfeeding mom! Food everywhere. Thanks to my parents for keeping the kids! 

We had a great anniversary week! I love him so! And he is so much hotter holding 2 babies! He's such a great dad and husband.