Sunday, July 7, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner

The Bluff City Bulldogs are at it again! But this time they won BIG!
On June 1st, the boys competed in the Variety Children's
The teams that enter this comp are big-wigs in the Memphis In May World Famous BBQ contest. They are the guys that won the whole deal.
The catch with this comp is that it is blind judging. Memphis In May is not. So...what happens when you don't wine and dine the judges??
You win 1st place in CHICKEN!
Those boys beat the teams that won Memphis is May! GET OUT!! This was out of 44 teams.

The sliver platter!
They also got 12th in brisket
16th in ribs
13th in pulled pork
6th overall
These guys are the REAL DEAL! So glad I'm married to one! And that I never have to cook chicken again. I will let the award-winning man do that!

8 months

On June 1st, my once little infant turned 8 months old.
At this stage in the game, taking his monthly picture is a huge challenge. I wants to take the sticker off, move around, etc. I tried to take this picture numerous times and this was the best face I could get with the sticker on.
Jonah, we love you so much!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

May re-cap: 7 months

I enjoyed the 7 month stage. He is getting so aware of everything.

This night the Grizzlies were playing in the play-offs

Supporting mommy's school

1st Memorial Day

He loves Good Night Moon

Facetim'ing with my parents and Uncle Lyle

Jonah at Gracie Bleu
I love the shopping cart/high chair cover. It is the best because his toys can hook on, it keeps germs away, and it's soft.  

Toy overstimulation at Granny's house

Since my office is downtown, I went to the forum to get the free swag the Grizzlies were passing out to support them in the play-offs! Bandwagon!!

He still loves to swing

Looks like he standing but he was leaned against the sofa. I love our Fridays together!
Jonah got his first 2 teeth at the beginning of May (bottom 2). He started transitioning from all 4s to sitting and back. He has started to notice the dogs more. He loves Boomer and Bailey. We had about a 2 week run where he'd wake up during the night. But he slowly got back into his full nights sleep. He got to go to the zoo, BBQ fest, and have his 1st Mother's Day. 
I love being a mommy (for the most part!)

sunset symphony and the grizz playoff

 May really is the best month in Memphis as far a fun outings go.
My in-laws came up for the weekend so we had a date night to go to the Sunset Symphony.
Or so I thought...
Kyle got a call from a friend that had an extra ticket to the play-off game. It was game 4 of the Grizzlies vs the Spurs. How could I tell Kyle that he couldn't go when he would be on the 10th row? Plus this was the first time that the Grizzlies was in the west coast finals. Best wife award please!!! 
Ok so maybe there were a lot of us going to the symphony...
Pre-game at the Brasher's before heading to the river.

All the girls. It was a beautiful night!
I forgot to mention that we did not have to pay for our tickets to the Sunset Symphony. My friend got them through work. Then Betsy got some VIP tickets for a tent from a law firm she deals with at work.

Betsy and I enjoying our dinner at the VIP tent! I was made to be a VIP!
Here are some pictures from Kyle trying to get to the Forum.
Beale street was cra cra!
Kyle's awesome seats!
The sad news is that the Grizzlies lost but what a great year!
Meanwhile, on the bluff...

I ran into my old roommate aka flatmate Kristen!

Kristen, April, me and Angie

The sunset at the symphony!
The VIP tent was giving away light up wine and beer glasses so I took Kristen down to get her one! They were so much fun in the dark.
So I was waiting to potty in the VIP tent and look who I ran into...
We went to college together and were sorority sisters! YAY ADPi's!!
I had a blast! Kyle had a blast! Fun times!
And bonus...we hardly paid for anything!
Nana and Pops left on Memorial Day. They were sweet to come help out with Jonah and make our flower beds look presentable!
You can't really tell but Jonah and Pops both have on seersucker shorts on. Twinkies!
Jonah loves Nana!
What a fun weekend!