Monday, December 27, 2010

eye of the tiger, i mean skyhawk

I went to my 1st Memphis Tiger basketball game in November. I'm a little embarassed that it took me 31 years to go. I watch them all the time on tv. What made it so special was that the Tigers were playing my UT-Martin Skyhawks!

 Look, the Skyhawks are only down by 7?! I needed to take this picture early before it got ugly. I cheered for both teams. We all knew who would win but it was still fun! There were so many Tiger fans. I was amazed at how many true blue fans came out for a UT-Martin game! The Tigers play in the FedEx Forum where the Grizzles play. This town has more support for college baskeetball than NBA. And that is awsome!

Shelly, Mariana, and Kristy. All cheered for both teams.

Kyle looks super excited in this picture! He is sporting his Grizzle hat!  

Kyle was so proud I was wearing my glasses. I'm getting better about it. It's taken me 10 years to realize I do need them for distance!

 Lester Hudson was sitting behind us. He's from Memphis and played for UT-Martin then was drafted last year. He was traded around and the day after this game we heard the Wizzards let him go. So sad. Maybe he'll go play overseas. He is still a celeb! I stole this picture from Kristy since she was stalking him! Overall, the Skyhawks didn't lose by THAT much! It was a fun time has by all!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

just another american saturday night

Ok, ok so it was a Thursday and Friday night but I REALLY wanted to incorporate a Brad Paisley song in my title. Here is why:

Last month, Kyle called me and said he could get $10 club level seats to the Brad Paisley show through his company. With ticket master's crazy fees, it ended up being around $19 a person. Since we're on the Dave Ramsey plan, this was something we couldn't pass up! Totally in the budget!  We went with Brian and Rachel, Chris and Lauren , & Greg and Katie.

Darius Rucker opened up for him!  HOOTIE! He sang some Hootie songs and covered Purple Rain!

He was amazing! Lots of Hootie fans in the audience. Look, can't you see them in the audience saying "hold my hand" Hootie!

We are waiting for Brad to come out.  We've both seen him 2 times prior to this show. I don't listen to a lot of country music but I really enjoy Brad's song writing and his shows. He has the best sense of humor!

Speaking of his sense of humor, he came out to the middle of the audience and plopped down on the diving board to sing a few songs.

Now he is tiny! Fits right in Kyle's hand!

So glad he finally won entertainer of the year because his shows are great! Someone who had no idea who he was would love his show!  See that life-size Brad behind the bar?! Funny!

The next night was the preview party for the Enchanted Forest. It is a fund raiser for Le Bonheur and I am a member of TWIGS who help plan the party.
 The forest opens up to the public the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The party was the night prior. There were ginger bread houses, trees, etc.

Different people enter in the tree contest and my department at work always docorates a tree.  Our theme was Candy land! It was very cute! 

My friend Sarah donated these YUMMY cupcakes! You need to order some of her cupcakes from Monkey Bread Bakery!! You won't regret it!

There is also a silent auction and my friends Steph and Ray came. They donated a picture frame from their side business, Travel Home Designs.

Jen and Leon: Jen always helps out so much with our tree!
She is very creative and can cook like no one else! 

 Lauren and Chris came to support this great cause!

Jenni, one of my running/work buddies!

Me and Jen

Some of the TWIGS and most of them work with me! It was a fun night a lot of money was raised for Le Bonheur! The forest is still open until New Years! Come on by!

Friday, December 24, 2010

colossians 1:24

"Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church."

As of October 31, Kyle and I became new members of Colonial Hills Church! We had been on a church search for a while.  I really enjoyed my old church but we felt like we needed to move our church home within our community. Kyle grew up Methodist and I grew up Baptist and our new church is a great fit for the both of us. I like to say that Kyle was won over due to the fact the lead pastor is a Mississippi State fan! No really, that is the icing on the cake for him. What drew us to CHC was the membership class. Before you join, you go through a 7 week new member class where you learn the values, beliefs, meet all the pastors, etc.  Then at the end, you decide if CHC is the right fit. We prayed about it and here we are!

 "...Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to excel in gifts that build up the church." 1 Corinthians 14:12. At my old church, I was very involved in children's theatre. I miss that. They stress at CHC that everyone has a spiritual gift and I do believe that. Kyle and I have a hunch on how we can be used but we're still tweaking on how we can use our gifts to encourage others! I'm excited about it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

all because two people fell in love

My parents live about 40 minutes away from us. Not that far.  But far enough for them to come down to our house and stay the night sometimes.  Kyle's parents are about 4 hours from us.  However, during football season, they are only about 2.5 hours away.  They have a ball game house (I call it the vacation home) in Starkville and we see them a lot during the fall.  Another reason I love going to football games!  Kyle and I are very blessed that both of our parents are still married.  That is rare thing these days.
My parents by the Mississippi river! 
That is where my dad proposed to my mom! They came down on a Friday night this past fall and we took them to the Memphis Farmers Market the next morning.  They loved it!  And so do we.  I always see someone I know when I go. We like to support local farmers and try to go every Saturday when we're in town. We also went to Wayne's Candy store. My parents went all the time growing up and wanted to take us there. It was like going toWilly Wonka's! It's a hidden Memphis treasure!

The very next weekend, we went to see Kyle's Mimi. She lives about 3 hours from us. Whenever I go and stay with her, I sleep like a baby!

My sister-in-law came down as well.  

Mimi's pet peeve: She does not like it when anyone wears shorts when we go out to eat. We are suppose to dress up. Doesn't matter where we go. I've been in trouble a couple of times! We went to Logans last summer and I wore shorts. I rebelled!  This is how the conversation usually goes: She will say "are you going to wear that?" I say "yes Mimi." Then she gives me the look.  She is a southern belle all the way. I decided I'd better stay on her good side and changed into my jeans!! We always have a good time when we go see Mimi and Aunt Elosie aka the golden girls! They are a hoot! There is never a dull moment!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

follow the LEADer

In October, my department at Le Bonheur had a team for the Pumpkin Run.  The 5k raises money for Le Bonheur and Kyle came up with our team name. I work at the hospital and our department name is Le Bonheur Early Intervention and Development (LEAD). So our team name was perfect! I tried to recruit as many people as I could for our team!  I think we had a good turnout!  I ran a pretty good race, around 28 minutes and some change.  Kyle had his best time around 25 minutes and some change! He is fast!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

living together

Our cars now live in the same room!  This was a big step for us! When 2 houses merge together, it makes for a mess in the garage! And that mess took us 2 years to clean out. We even built a shed in our backyard. My mother-in-law is the best at organizing!  So we made her proud! Labor Day weekend was labor for us. Whew! But we did it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

love-it, levitt

Last fall, Kyle and I went to the Levitt Shell in Overton Park by the Zoo many times!  We love going for 4 reasons.

1. It's FREE!  We are on Dave Ramsey's get out of debt plan. That is a whole other topic I'll address later.

2. We get to support local music.  We saw the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.  Well, they are from New Orleans but a local band opened up for them!  They were AWESOME!  Go see them if you ever get a chance to.

3. We get to be outside! The weather was perfect this fall. It finally cooled down. I went up front to snap some close up shots of the band.

4. You can bring a chair, blanket, and dinner and just hang out.  I've blogged about this before but wanted to give the Levitt Shell another plug!  They have kid shows and more! The spring shows will be here before you know it.  Go and support this great venue!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

soybean festival

I really wanted Kyle to expereince the Tennessee soybean festival. It is held in Martin (hometown of my college) in September every year. My friend Shelly grew up in Martin so Kyle and I went home with her for a whirlwind visit!

 Shelly is reserving a parking spot!  I am so sad that I didn't take a picture of the Dane's house.  It is so pretty and relaxing!  Shelly's family is so very sweet and I could vacation at their house all the time! 

We arrived on Friday night.  I really talked up the Soybean Festival and in college it reminded me of the movie Hope Floats. This was my *second chance* to show off my college town to Kyle.  He's only been one other time!

Well, things have changed.  When I went in college, we went to the Soybean Festival during the week nights. UTM is a suitcase college and a lot of students go home on the weekends.  Friday night was for the locals and surrounding towns (we discovered).  Different crowd!  But still fun!  And they've added rides.  Kind of like the fair. AND a BBQ cookoff!  It sure has grown! Kyle would LOVE to enter in the cook off. I bet one day he'll be in one of some sort.

We walked around downtown Martin and they now have a coffee shop! We saw an art gallery and look at this true statement I found while viewing some local art.

 Shelly and I are *holding on loosely*  to hear .38 Special!   

We could only stay one night and of course we missed John Michael Montgomery (he played Saturday night)!! That brings back memories of jr high. (sigh) We had to settle for .38 special.  Kyle was so *caught up in you*  little 8 point buck...he was blocking Kyle's view! Over all, it was a fun time...we just needed more time in Martin than 16 hours! And I ran into some old college friends. Thanks to the Dane's for being great hosts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Please tell me that you got my 38 special song references throughout this post! Can you name the 3??!! Hint: *song reference*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

are you ready for some football?

Kyle bought 1 Mississippi State season ticket for the 2010 season.  He went to all the games.  I only made 3. I do like going and EATING!

Opening game was against the Memphis Tigers labor day weekend.

Fergie and Krsity came down for the event and was sporting their Bulldog swag! 

I tried to be neutral by wearing while and grey with a touch of tiger paw earrings!

My 1st cousin Brett, aka Brett-e-pooh (sorry Brett!). He is a loyal Tiger fan!

Brett-e-pooh and Fergie playing cornhole.  I got an action shot!

Glad I was wearing my Tiger paw earrings b/c Kristy and I saw Angel Garcia from the Tiger basketball team! I was even on my tip toes! He is very excited about a new year!
However, the Tiger football team is in a "rebuilding" year.  The bulldogs killed them.

Next game I went to was the Georgia game. My friend from work Jen (and her husband Leon) came down with us.  They are Ohio State fans and she brought some Buckeyes. WOW!  I was in heaven. They were chocolate peanut butter balls!

It was SO hot that day. Look at Jen and her Bulldog swag.

Leon looks super excited!  And he is!

He even bought a cowbell for the event.  When in Starkville, do as the Starkvillians??

Coach Kyle in action. All he needs is a whistle. 

So I've had a hard time adjusting to the cowbell.   The 1st time I went to a MSU game, I had a bad experience with a 50 year-old drunk man beating his cowbell against the metal bleachers.  Of course he was escorted out and most fans don't go that far.  I don't recommend people with frequent migraines go to a game.  (sorry Jen!).  However, I think it is a neat tradition.  And when they came out with the respect the bell campaign, I was super excited!  I can take it in small doses! And you better believe Kyle follows the rules!  Well only because he wants to keep the tradition before the cowbell gets banned! 
Remember:  ring responsibly!!

The Perrys and the McCoys!  Let me just tell you that it took 5 times to take this picture!  I asked a lady to take it and she looked at my camera backwards.  Then it just got worse.  Basically, she took a picture of our knees. So then I asked a man to take our picture and I'm pretty sure it was her son.  I tried to do this discretely, about 5 minutes later.  Then the original lady turned around and said "I'm sorry I didn't take a good picture" and I said "oh I was blinking!" Yup, I lied!

Last State game I went to was homecoming against UAB.

Kyle and the back of the jumbo tron! As Kyle calls it "a 60 inch tv in a trailer!"

My friend Lauren.  She's fun!

Us with Mr. Tony, he is Kyle's season ticket friend! (and family friend).  He is the biggest fan I know.  He drives from Atlanta to most MSU games. And drives half way back the same day!

More football for me!  We celebrated Kristy's bday by tailgating at the Memphis vs. Tennessee game. I like games that are in town!
The last Memphis game was in Starkville and I wore Tiger paw earrings. Since I went to a UT school, I had to support the Vols. No paws this time (if I did they would be for Smokey). I love that the host is a UT fan but has a Memphis tent! We are confused fans!

Look, we are *tailgating*

Me, Steph, and Apey-college buds!

The girls with the bday girl!

Kyle and I stayed till half time.  It got ugly for Memphis.  The next time we will be at the Liberty Bowl will be for the MSU vs U of M game next labor day. Maybe we can tailgate with Brett-e-pooh at tiger lane.

Marianna had some serious static with the pom pons!

I CAN NOT wait for the 2011 football season.  Why?  Because Mississippi State is playing UT Martin in November! AHHHHHH!!! Our colleges collide!  MSU vs UTM 2011