Sunday, August 29, 2010

may makes memphis marvelous

kyle's department at work let me come to the suite at the redbirds game!
and let me say this, that is the way to watch baseball. not real sure i can go to another game knowing how the "other" people watch baseball. sometimes it is better not to see the grass on the other side! it is greener there!
it's that time of year again. our favorite time in may! bbq fest!

however, it only sprinkled!

the next night was the sunset symphony. the brasher sisters are ready for another rain storm.

after a night of fun, we ate at the arcade at the corner of south main and ge patterson.
it is the oldest restaurant in memphis and it is still going strong!

sunset symphony time!

i didn't tell my mother-in-law that was the 4th annual zombie walk night! what is a zombie walk you ask? well, in big cities around the states, people dress up like zombies. in memphis the walk is from south main to beale street. if you put a black X on you, they will bite you and thus, you become a zombie as well. she was stunned by the masses of zombies.

my rain boots came in handy. memphis in may needs to be called memphis in rain.

my mother-in-law came down for the last weekend in may to join in the festivities. we took her to the south main trolley tour.
it is the last friday night of the month, and the trolley runs in the south main district for free. all the shops stay open late. the art galleries have wine and cheese and bands are playing in the streets. it is a very fun (and free) time in memphis.

a beautiful sunset.

alas, the sun came out. kyle is sporting his t-shirt from cindy brasher for the event. and this is a re-gift. cindy got it from our re-gifting party we had back in january (see re-gifting party blog)

however, it rained on our parade. see kyle wearing a UT poncho? kristy krotzer was very happy about that. we decided to truck it down to the park anyways. kyle and his momma: she really enjoyed it! i think she was amazed at how many people came out to enjoy the show. next year my father-in-law must come!
we are dancing to/with k.c. of k.c. and sunshine band. so maybe his new name should be k.c. and no sunshine. another great weekend for the record books!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

we love our mommies!

so for mother's day, we told kyle's mom that we would not make it down to celebrate with the family. well, we lied. kyle had not spent a mother's day with his mom since we've been married.
on saturday morning, my mom had a mother/daughter banquet at her church. good food and a good message from the preacher's wife.

my mom knew what we were up to! so after the lunch, i headed home to pick up kyle and head to meet his family for dinner 3 hours south. only his sister and dad knew the plan! wahahaha!

kyle and i got to the restaurant right in time for dinner. we hid by the door and said "well hey ethel ann!!" her look was PRICELESS!!! she definitely didn't see us!! i had a new do as i had just chopped off 10 inches of my hair to give to locks of love! double shock!!! (i had to play the part! ha!) we are sneaky people!

we had dinner on the reservoir in jackson, ms. i had no clue the reservoir had such a pretty view! why did it take 3 years for kyle to take me there? i might have moved if i would've known it was this pretty (yeah right!)

on the way home we passed by where the tornando hit yazoo city. YIKES! so glad i was not on I-55 when this twister hit!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MOVE it mccoys

M-O-V-E! that is what the mccoys did on april 17, 2010. it was also another special weekend for us. kyle and i celebrated 2 years of marriage...apart! well, kinda.

what angie did: i signed up to run a 1/2 marathon in jackson, tn. i don't run to win, i run to stay in shape and so that i can eat ice cream! i burn about 1,300 calories in every half i run. that equals a lot of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream! OR reese's OR nutella and peanut butter bagels. ok, i need to stop. i'm making myself hungry!

amanda king aka stewy, her high school friend, and i after the long run. it ended up being a perfect day to run. it was in the 50's and cloudy. i was very nervous. i went up that friday and stewy drove me around the course. SCARY!!! half the race was in town and the other half of the race was on back roads. since it was a small race (400 runners...that included the 5k, half, and full marathoners) i was petrified that i would get off the course and would end up in a pasture with the cows. luckily i didn't and i made friends along the way. and congrats to stewy and her friend, they completed their 1st half marathon!

since i was *half* way to martin, i decided i would go the *full* distance and drive to my college town...ut martin! my friend betsy was in town for some alum activities so i stayed with her and her parents, the brashers, in sharon, tn. (about 10 minutes from martin) i have known the brashers since 1997. i met cindy and betsy in college. we were in alpha delta pi together! mr. joe, mrs. phyllis, besty, and i hung out by the gazebo: a very relaxing place to chill after running 13.1 miles!

yee haw! the rodeo was in town!!! i went to 1 rodeo in college and thought i would give it a whirl again. i don't think i'll be going back. not for me. those poor animals! however, i was VERY excited to see a Mississippi State guy there competing. of course he lost, but i was excited to see my hubby's team representing! i had a great time relaxing and an enjoyable visit with the brashers.

what kyle did: he went to super bulldog weekend.
somehow, it fell on the same weekend as our anniversary and since we spent our 1st anniversary there last year, i decided not to go and kyle decided to go. our real anniversary was on that sunday so we did get to spend that day together!

kyle has really gotten into this whole running thing and enjoys it! so much that he talked his parents into doing a 5k! kyle told me he remembers his dad running when he was little and he is currently an avid walker. his mom had never completed a 5k but kyle talked her into doing it! they walked/ran the cotton district 5k that is held during super bulldog weekend.

kyle and his parents before the race: one happy, healthy, fit family! i was very proud of my mother-in-law! she beat kyle's 1st 5k time! kyle said she even jogged down some of the hills! she said she now wants to complete a 10k. kyle had a personal record....25 minutes! i was STUNNED! i have created a running monster!!! his 1st 5k was around 45 minutes...and he jogged it. now he running about 8 minute miles! i'm very proud of him!
bailey came with him and joined in the fun as well! she was in the pet parade! we hoped she'd win fluffiest dog but she didn't. i think it was rigged!
whew, we had an active weekend! we will all have to do a race together. *time for my plug* maybe i can get them down to memphis for the pumpkin run for le bonheur. Everyone needs to sign up! email me and you can be on my team as i am a team captain. i have not picked out a name yet so more details to come. it is time to MOVE it people! walk-it, run-it...i don't care...just get to moving!!!
Also....Le Bonheur is having a T-shirt design for the 2010 Pumpkin Run. The winning design will be featured on the 2010 Pumpkin Run T-shirt, and the winner will also receive a $100 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods. Artwork should reflect the Pumpkin Run theme - harvest, fall, running, etc. - and bold colors are recommended. Paint, marker and graphic art are acceptable, and all of the artwork must be entirely original. Each submission should include the name and date of the event: Le Bonheur Pumpkin Run 5K, October 9, 2010. For more information or to submit an entry, contact Joanie Taylor at 287-5988 or Entries may also be delivered in person to the Le Bonheur Foundation, 850 Poplar, Bldg. 2. The deadline for all submissions is Monday, Aug. 23.