Sunday, October 12, 2014

where is the tape player?

Do y'all even know what this is?

This is a cassette adapter that I use to play my iPhone in my car. 

I know, 1985 called and they want their New Kids on the Block tape back.

Do you know what Kyle said when we bought our 2nd car with cash?

"Where is the tape player?"

Then I said "oh no, how will we listen to our iPhones?"
Who says that when we live in 2014?

So, if you've been following our journey to become debt-free, you know that we bought our 1st "new to us" 2005 van with cash in March! (click to read that story here). Well, WE DID IT AGAIN at the end of June. We ended up getting a 2004 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer-fully loaded!) 

We went from a 2002 Tahoe with 228,000 miles to a 2004 loaded Expedition with 133,000 miles. By loaded, I mean a DVD player, the 3rd row folds down by pushing a button, 6 disc CD changer, and such. After we sold our Tahoe, we only paid $4,100 for it. BAM!  I think that is a pretty awesome upgrade. 

Another goal met!!! 

We are slowly getting to where we want to be! 

In our automobile life right now, we are in the stage when they were phasing out tape players and going strictly to CD  players. This was before the iPhone so there are no iPhone aux cable plug-ins for cars. 

And that my friends is an example of the sacrifices we are making to pay off our house!


  1. First world problems!:-) I'm so proud of y'all!! We had our budget mtg this AM (a little late since I've been traveling, but our money month doesn't start on the 1st anyway...we're weird). Next month we should finish off student loans and, Lord-willing, hit the $10k mark for debt paid this year. The end is in sight!! I appreciate you and Kyle for being such great role models to us for stewardship!!! Love the McCoys!

    1. Shelly-THAT IS AMAZING! 10K!!!! I do love sharing paying off debt. It's the best feeling! We are strange and I love it!