Monday, May 31, 2010

march madness

Between watching basketball games, we did a little traveling as well. We went to Nashville in March to see Carol (one of my besties from college) and Jason Stout. They are expecting a baby girl in August!! That was the same weekend as the SEC tourney and my in-laws went to 1 game. The other game was too expensive with UK playing (don't even get me started...not a good subject for me) I also got to see my old flatmate Lauren and her new house! I miss her so much! But the main reason we came to Nashville was to see Jamie Cullum!

The Betts came as well. It was Ray and Kyle's 1st Jamie show.

We had great seats! This was Steph and my 3rd Jamie show. AND he is coming to Memphis tomorrow night (July 11) and I'm going again! He is that good.

He is my favorite to watch live. He is also great for all ages. He brings jazz to a new level in which he mixes new songs with a jazz-like feel. He's the main reason I really started liking jazz music. He is out of control standing in someones seat and singing!!

And he loves to jump from his piano! Who knew jazz singers were so crazy!? I really recommend you taking a listen to his music. He does play some oldies and he plays main stream pop and turns it to jazz...but he also has his own stuff. I am so thrilled that he is FINALLY coming to Memphis! Thanks Jamie!

Mimi (Kyle's grandmother now 86) and Aunt Eloise (Kyle's great-aunt now 80) had a birthday. We headed south to Jackson, MS to celebrate!

Kyle and his Mimi

Leah, Kyle, Mimi, Angie before we got wild at the birthday party! HAHAHA!

The birthday cake for the sisters. I think the secret to Mimi's sharp mind is her Sutter Home wine!! Every time we go see her, she has mini-size bottles (8oz) of wine and chips & salsa to eat. Never fails. She is a hoot to be around.

For Kyle's birthday, I got him a cooking class at the Viking School. I really wanted to get him a class on his birthday but they didn't offer the one I wanted. So we had to wait a month to go! But he still loved it. Kyle is an amazing cook and he has bettered my culinary skills! We now make a lot of yummy healthy food. Yes, the two can go together!

We took an Italian class. We got to make homemade ravioli and lots of other goodies. Our teacher had just been on the food network for winning a cooking challenge on Guy Fieri's show (one of Kyle's favorite chefs!) She won 25,000 and won the showdown! Here is her recipe that won her the money.

The crazy thing is that I had no idea our teacher had this background! Kyle thought I really went out of my way....ok I am lying. The look on my face when she said she was on the food network was priceless! I'm just lucky sometimes!

The happy chefs with full bellies!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

over the river and through the woods

the winter cross country series use to be one of my favorite races....this year is was one of the worst! it takes place in January and February and consists of a 3k, 5k, 8k, and 10k... all trail runs. i did this series 3 years ago and had a blast! this year, the weather was not on my side.

the 3k was at overton park and the lake was FROZEN! people were ice skating! ice skating in memphis? what? yup, we saw it 1st hand. it was very cold but dry. so it was fun, short race.

the 5k was a different story. it was at stanky creek (the name says it need for details)

ok, i can't hold was horrible! we were pigs. memphis weather! it poured the night prior. here is alex, kyle and myself very excited that we did not sink in the mud. alex's wife overheard someone say that they have never seen the trails so bad before a race.

the picture does not describe how muddy we were.

next up, the 8k. now it is cold again! back to the winter gear. and throw some snow on the trails as well. this time we put plastic bags over our socks thinking that might help with the mud since the snow was melting.

WRONG! didn't help. since i have done this series before, i knew about the ditch and creek we had to cross! before the race, we heard the water was 19 degrees! however, this race was a little easier to run. the snow made the mud icey and at least we didn't have to feel like we were running in the quick sand. back to the creek. we had to go down the ditch, cross the creek in the water and use a rope to get out.

i did make the cover of the photo album. i'm on the left and you really can't tell it's me but it is!

the last race was the 10k at shelby farms. my dad came out to support us. this time we were back in shorts. no wonder everyone is so sick all the time. this time mother nature decided to make it rain. and by rain i mean lighting! kyle and i were following a 70 year old man (you read that right...70) and when the lightening got closer, he said he was out. of course kyle and i ran it out and the storm went around us, mostly.

i do recomend this race! just hope you have better weather than us!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

regifting party

about 3 or 4 years ago, my college sorority sisters started a regifting party. we wanted to get together but the holidays were too crazy. and sometimes we get gifts that we don't need. why throw it away when you can trade them in for something better? we met in january to have some fun! we have had some very interesting presents in the past. my teacher friends always get the strangest gifts. parents, please...if you're going to get your teacher an apple...don't! get them something they can use like pencils, tissues, markers, and paper!

these pictures are from this year and they are very tame compared to past parties. cindy is opening a cardinal hand soap or olive oil dispenser (not sure which it is). this is the only present that is allowed to pop back up year after year. rule # 1) no regifting a regift at a regifting party!

betsy is opening a christmas ornament from the dollar store. one of my friends brought some of her wedding gifts to the party. rule # 2) you can regift any gift that you've received from any occasion.

this year, we really didn't have that many "bad" gifts. some people brought things they just didn't need. amanda is holding a koozie that is super cute! but the regifter that brought it had too many at home.

rule # 3) the shawl that carey's great aunt made must always appear and be wore by whomever opens it! brandy is sporting her new attire!

sorry mom, the naughty/nice make-up bag was regifted and luckily kristy opened it!

carey opened up the coffee set and i wanted it! we open presents the 'dirty santa' way so i was excited to see a gift stolen and i got it!

amanda threw in the i love bbq shirt for laughs! she saw it at walmart and thought her gift would be better with that tee-shirt in the bag! carey is modeling the scarf she opened.

adpi's smiling after a fun night of regifting! last year we had really bad gifts so we collected and donated them to the salvation army! can't wait till next year! *note: some pictures were not posted to protect the innocent.