Thursday, November 8, 2012


It is going by too fast! October has passed and now we're in November. I need a pause button!
I wanted to share some moments we've had while Jonah has been home.

He does not look comfy

The boppy is much better!

Growing boy!

Granny gave Jonah his first sponge bath

baby feet

skin-to-skin time with daddy

just a few days old sleeping in Kyle's bassinet when he was a baby.

4 days old at the pediatrician's office for a follow up visit.

he loves his daddy

finally Kyle got to use the Ergo!

all clean

tummy time

 After Steph's baby shower for baby Eli. Jonah did not sleep well the night before and that is why I look oh so tired! He was only 12 days old.


just a swinging

resting on the boppy

He loves bath time!

I survived the 1st month! I had so much help with my mom and MIL that it was so easy. I could not have made it without them!

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