Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oct-Dec 08 FINALLY

We had our 1st McCoy family vacation to the mountains in October. The trip was planned because of a football game. Mississippi State was playing Tennessee. Kyle is very confused why I cheer for the Vols since I didn’t go there. Just like the last post, I explained that my UT Martin skyhawks only won 1 or 2 games a year. So we would cheer for the other UT team! We are in the same system! I think he gets it now. We set off for gatlinburg and met my in-laws and some friends of the family for couple of nights in a cabin. It was a lot of fun! We went to cade’s cove, downtown galtlinburg, and did a little shopping!
Sometimes I get a little silly with the pictures!

Ah....downtown Gatlinburg.

our better side??

Leah, my sis-in-law

YAY the mountains!

We did get to meet a reality superstar! We were at the applebarn and Rhonda (friend of the family) saw Bob from survivor. Of course I had no clue who he was.
Bob from survivor...I still have no idea who he is!
Kyle and I went on to knoxville on game day and walked around campus. It was a good day for the vols but not so much for the bulldawgs! The family really enjoyed the stadium and the scenery.
Kyle said the bookstore was too bright with all the orange.

We had about 10 people tell us "wow, a house divided." it got old.

mom-in-law tried to sneak in my drink! they thought she might have a cowbell hidden! BUSTED! no drink for me =(

We stayed the night at the Mynatt’s (friends from church) house in Knoxville that night, then headed off to Fall Creek Falls Sunday morning. What a pretty hike!

the falls that we hiked to.

the end of the hike

After some fresh air, we headed to Nashville to see Ray LaMontagne at the Ryman! It was a birthday present from Kyle. Ray is such a wonderful singer/songwriter but is not a talker. If anyone has seen him, they know that he is very uncomfy talking on stage. All he wants to do is sing song after song that’s what he did. We then left the show and headed back to Memphis. We got home about 2am and had to work the next day. NO FUN.

November brought our 1st married Thanksgiving together and our 1st time to do the Turkey Trot. We didn’t get to see Kyle’s side of the family for Thanksgiving but we saw mine. So for the big day of food, we went to Shelby Farms and ran the 4mile relay race to burn some calories. Kyle ran the 1st 2 miles and then met me to hand over the TURKEY leg baton! Yes…an actual smoked turkey leg wrapped in foil. It was heavy after a while. We ended up being in the top half of our group!!!

December was busy, as it always is. We got to decorate our house. I am one of those people that loves to put the Christmas tunes in the day after (NOT BEFORE) thanksgiving and decorate the house. Lights and all!! Kyle secretly likes it! We also spent our 1st Christmas together ever. Last year we both went to our families on our own. But this year we got to do the rearranging of Christmas due to Kyle not being able to take the day after off. Our families are flexible so it all worked out.
Dunagan side
McCoy side

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