Friday, June 12, 2009

got the runs

I starting training for half marathons back in August of 2006 with Andrea, a nurse I worked with. I never was a runner. I only ran when I played sports or when my coach told me I had to. I didn't like it. One day I was talking with Andrea at work and she told me she had ran a couple of halves. I said to myself "self, you need to find something to keep yourself in shape." Andrea said she would be my trainer if I wanted to do one. So I decided that 13.1 miles was doable...if I trained. I have now completed 5 half-marathons!

Kyle and I at race day pick up. Doesn't he look lighter?!

When Kyle and I started dating, I had just completed # 1 and was training for # 2. He thought since I enjoyed running so much, he would try it. He trained for his 1st 5k the summer of 07. He ran the grizz 5k (Dec 07) in 45mins and I ran my 3rd half in a personal record of 2hrs and 12mins! I was proud of both of us!

Carb-loading the night before at Amerigos.

I kept telling Kyle that he would be running a half marathon in no time. He stuck his nose in the air and said "I will stick to 5k's." In 2008, we were busy planning a wedding, moving, etc but still managed to run some. Kyle and I ran a 5k in Sept 08 and he ran it in 34mins! 11 mins faster from only 8 months earlier! He still was not ready for a half so I trained for the St. Jude again and he ran the grizz 5k again in Dec 08. DRUM ROLL....he ran it in 29mins!! 15 mins faster than last year!

Over 30,000 people ran the Country Music City Marathon/Half Marathon. Where's Kyle and Angie?

I finally talked Kyle into running the Nashville half marathon after his super fast time improvement over the last year. A lot of people think it is crazy to run 13.1 miles. (they thought Kyle was crazy) I tell people that YOU can do it! Running is a sport that anyone can do if you can walk to the mailbox and back. It doesn't matter how fast or how slow you is that you get out there and do it. Training is a must though! If Kyle and I can do can you!

During mile 1 when life was good.

Kyle and I trained from Jan to April of this year. I had a good training program that we followed religiously from We did tempo runs, speed work and long runs. We had bad days and we had good days. I can remember when Kyle would say to me, "you mean we only have to run 5 miles today?" What a breakthrough! Our longest run we did before the half was 11.5 miles. We were very prepared for the race, or so I thought...

The sea of people outside our hotel.

We went to Nashville with our other running friends, Katie being one of them. Katie started the race the same time we did, 45 mins after the race started. They do a wave start so that we are not on top of each other. We have a chip on our shoe that records our race time when we cross the start and finish lines. So the time on the clock when we finished is about an hour after we really started. It ended being an extremely hot day for April 25, 2009. Kyle and I trained in 54 degree weather. The high for race day was 88 degrees. It was the hottest race day Nashville has ever had.

Kyle posing for a picture. Notice there is no Angie.
Around mile 4 of the race, I had serious side pains. It was getting really hot as well. At mile 5 or so, I told Kyle that he was going to have to go on without me. I told him that I was going to find Katie and walk/run with her. So he went on.

Kyle finishing his 1st half marathon in 2hrs and 43mins! He did it!
Thank goodness for Katie! I found her around mile 7 and she was the reason I didn't give up! It was so hot and 30 degrees warmer than what we had trained in. I have learned that when your body says stop, do it!

Katie and I running and ready for the next water stop. I look way too happy. I was miserable.
Kyle ended up walking as well around mile 9. It was just too hot he said. It takes about 2 weeks for your body to acclimate to hot weather, and we only had 1 day. We were very smart to listen to our bodies. A 26yo man died after completing the half. I am sure he had another condition that made him collapse that he was unaware of. I was a little down on myself because it was my worst time...but looking back, I did great considering the weather! That is why all long distance races are held in the fall through the spring. And thanks again to Katie who helped! She did great as well by beating her last time!
Finishing in 2hrs and 49mins with Katie.
We finished about 5 mins behind Kyle and I saw him at the finish line. He thought that Katie and I would catch him, and we almost did!
This describes exactly how we felt.

Kyle likes the races that has beer. He says that is his motivation!
Kyle and I plan on doing the St. Jude half this December. YAY

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