Monday, February 8, 2010

septober (september-october) 2009

Oh no....i'm way far behind! NO FAIR!!!

speaking of fair....we had a carny try to guess my age. i took off my ring and kyle's and i won! she thought i was 25! i won a rose.

in the hot september heat about to see paul thorn

paul thorn. he is great to see live. check him out

fergie surprised us with some tickets to art on tap, a fundraiser event for the dixon. holly looks like she has antlers coming out of her head!

i didn't get the memo to wear green and brown to the event!

i talked april and stephanie to join the women and running program. it is a GREAT 10 week event. it is just for women! and for all types of women! from beginner walkers to advanced runners. i was so proud of them. they graduated with running their 1st 5k! women and running got a national award for being the best program for women for 2009! over 1800 girls were singed up!

after the race that morning, kyle and i headed to the cooper/young festival. it is in mid-town memphis and celebrates the area.

that day in september was PACKED with fun! after the festival, i met up with the UT Martin girls to tailgate as we played U of Memphis in football. kristy, cindy and i are very proud graduates!

fergie and i at the game watching the tigers beat our skyhawks. this angle looks like there are a lot of people at the libery bowl....looks are deceiving!

a group of us decided that we needed to rent a cabin and go to pickwick. it rained so much that week! it rained the friday night we got there. it even rained on the only lake day we had. BUT...after 12:30, the sun came out and we enjoyed the lake!

we brought along 2 boys so we had a griller and a boat driver. those boys were kyle and ray (steph's husband)

on our cabin porch wishing we could stay since the sun was out!

football time=mccoy family time! kyle and his mama enjoying the day and hoping to beat the FL gators!

a bulldog pumpkin.

since the gators were in town, kyle's cousin cooked up some gator meat. i was talked into trying a tiny bit of it. YUCK! i am a land lover!

kristy came to cheer on her cheerleaders from collierville that made the mississippi state squad. we came to the conclusion that UT-Martin really needs to step up the tailgate scene. or at least they should have while we went there. tailgating is too much fun!

game time-the girls came to see tim tebow.

the boys came out to see erin andrews.

kyle in his element. the gators won, but not without a fight!

halloween: kyle is Dr. Octo and I am Octomom!

my friend lisa was kate gosselin and we are hiding from the paparazzi!

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