Wednesday, August 11, 2010

we love our mommies!

so for mother's day, we told kyle's mom that we would not make it down to celebrate with the family. well, we lied. kyle had not spent a mother's day with his mom since we've been married.
on saturday morning, my mom had a mother/daughter banquet at her church. good food and a good message from the preacher's wife.

my mom knew what we were up to! so after the lunch, i headed home to pick up kyle and head to meet his family for dinner 3 hours south. only his sister and dad knew the plan! wahahaha!

kyle and i got to the restaurant right in time for dinner. we hid by the door and said "well hey ethel ann!!" her look was PRICELESS!!! she definitely didn't see us!! i had a new do as i had just chopped off 10 inches of my hair to give to locks of love! double shock!!! (i had to play the part! ha!) we are sneaky people!

we had dinner on the reservoir in jackson, ms. i had no clue the reservoir had such a pretty view! why did it take 3 years for kyle to take me there? i might have moved if i would've known it was this pretty (yeah right!)

on the way home we passed by where the tornando hit yazoo city. YIKES! so glad i was not on I-55 when this twister hit!

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