Sunday, August 29, 2010

may makes memphis marvelous

kyle's department at work let me come to the suite at the redbirds game!
and let me say this, that is the way to watch baseball. not real sure i can go to another game knowing how the "other" people watch baseball. sometimes it is better not to see the grass on the other side! it is greener there!
it's that time of year again. our favorite time in may! bbq fest!

however, it only sprinkled!

the next night was the sunset symphony. the brasher sisters are ready for another rain storm.

after a night of fun, we ate at the arcade at the corner of south main and ge patterson.
it is the oldest restaurant in memphis and it is still going strong!

sunset symphony time!

i didn't tell my mother-in-law that was the 4th annual zombie walk night! what is a zombie walk you ask? well, in big cities around the states, people dress up like zombies. in memphis the walk is from south main to beale street. if you put a black X on you, they will bite you and thus, you become a zombie as well. she was stunned by the masses of zombies.

my rain boots came in handy. memphis in may needs to be called memphis in rain.

my mother-in-law came down for the last weekend in may to join in the festivities. we took her to the south main trolley tour.
it is the last friday night of the month, and the trolley runs in the south main district for free. all the shops stay open late. the art galleries have wine and cheese and bands are playing in the streets. it is a very fun (and free) time in memphis.

a beautiful sunset.

alas, the sun came out. kyle is sporting his t-shirt from cindy brasher for the event. and this is a re-gift. cindy got it from our re-gifting party we had back in january (see re-gifting party blog)

however, it rained on our parade. see kyle wearing a UT poncho? kristy krotzer was very happy about that. we decided to truck it down to the park anyways. kyle and his momma: she really enjoyed it! i think she was amazed at how many people came out to enjoy the show. next year my father-in-law must come!
we are dancing to/with k.c. of k.c. and sunshine band. so maybe his new name should be k.c. and no sunshine. another great weekend for the record books!

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