Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the first and finest

The 2nd weekend in April, I went to UT-Martin. I went because it was my sorority's 50th anniversary on campus. Alpha Delta Pi is nationally know as the 1st secret society in the world for college women.  I honestly can't believe I was in a sorority. I never really thought about joining one.  I didn't know much about it either. When I moved in my dorm my freshman year, everyone would ask if I was going to "rush" or as it is called now "going through recruitment." My roommate decided to do it at the last minute, so I did too. I met some of my best friends through ADPi. It was the best decision I made!

Betsy, me, Fergie and Tiffany Friday night at Cadillac's.
It was the same weekend as Chi O's 50th so it was nice to see some familiar faces!

We stayed at the Brasher's parents home and on Saturday and we took our very own campus tour.

Look at all this new and exciting stuff in Martin. These girls are very happy about the coffee shop that just so happened to be CLOSED!

If you knew me in college, you knew I was an avid Chick-Fil-a fan. I still am!!! But if this would've been here while I was at Martin, I would've gained the freshman 50! This has been here a while. I am still stunned that Martin has this!  I had to drive 1 hour to my nearest Chick-Fil-a back in the day.

Next we met up with some more ADPi's. We toured the Student Rec Center. Of course the school gets this way after I leave! Shelley, an ADPi alumn gave us our very own tour. She is the aquatics director.
Kendall and I are buff. She came all the way from San Antonio.

This treadmill is the bomb. You can plug in your iPod and watch movies and record your trainings. They even have a Jacob's latter like on the Biggest Loser.

Glad to be together again!
Diamonds! I practiced my sorority pose all week in case I forgot how to do it!

Then we saw this alum golf cart pull up.
So we took it for a spin. Just kidding!

We met some more ADPi's for lunch at the Mexican place.
We were supposed to go to a luncheon but it was $40. We felt that was kind of high for Martin and we did spend $60 for our dinner and Gala that was later that night. Some of us emailed and decided it would be better to pick one to go to. However, some people didn't get the memo! The picture above are the ones that skipped the luncheon minus three girls that came by afterwards and hopped in the pic. I am sad that I missed it. 25 of our charter members were there. I even missed the president of UT speak. But I loved seeing my girls!

Carol! She is so skinny to have an 8 month old.

Somehow I am distantly related to Nick Dunagan, past chancellor of UT-Martin. Maybe my great-grandfather and his grandfather were brothers? Or cousins? My Meme knew when she was alive and she told me how but I've since forgotten. Either way, it is nice to have family in high places! HA! I saw him a lot in college since I was involved and we became friends!
This was the favorite thing I did all day! I knew I'd make it big one day! Well, my name at least! Congrats Nick Dunagan! Glad to be related!

Next we drove to Paris, Tn to have our formal night.  It ended up being our 50th celebration/the actives' black diamond (formal)/founders day party.
Stewy and I ready for the party!
We rented a cabin for the night. We had a great view.

It is a big deal in ADPi land. It is a national ADPi award that only few ADPi's get. It is based on a lot of factors: grades, college involvement, etc. It is a 6 year step latter of awards a chapter must get and maintain. It means you are the best of the best ADPi chapters. And we got it for the 1st time my senior year! BIG DEAL!

When we got to the formal, I realized that short dresses are the thing these days. I am so out of the loop. My age is showing. However, I had on a short dress!
Betsy, Kristy and Kim


I had an Alpha class (pledge class) of over 30 girls. This is who showed up for the 50th. UNACCEPTABLE sisters! The 55th party better have more representing!
We decided these Paris cops had the best job.

There were tons of people! I gave Kyle a pass and let him stay at home because I'm sweet like that!

The actives came to Paris on a bus. The bus left at 11 and we (the alums) had the party all to ourselves! The DJ played some "old school" music! We had the best time!

I am so thankful for Alpha Delta Pi.  Greeks get a bad stereotype. But for me, I learned so much about long lasting friendships. I learned that I can be in a choir (if only to lip sync)! I learned that I can step! I found that I have a serious travel bug. I learned how to become a better leader. I discovered I could do a lot more than I thought I could. ADPi helped shape me into who I am today. Being an ADPi was one of the best decisions I made in college. With that, I'll get a little cheesy and leave you with our creed.

 I Believe in Alpha Delta Pi. I Believe that my sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol; that it is a way of life. I Believe that the principles established by our founders in 1851 are enduring attributes, exemplifying the highest ideals of Christian womanhood. I Believe that our motto, "We Live for Each Other", expresses the true spirit of fraternity; and that by living this motto my life will be enriched by true friendships and by unselfish service to mankind. I Believe that the privilege of membership in Alpha Delta Pi brings the responsibility to do my best in whatever I undertake, always remembering that leadership requires confidence tempered with humility and courage blended with tolerance. I Believe that I must strive to become a well balanced person by following the dictates of the four points symbolized by our diamond shaped badge: first, strengthening my own character and personality; second, watching my attitudes toward my fellow beings; third, recognizing the value of high educational standards; fourth, developing faith and loyalty. I Believe that these four guide-posts, guarded by the stars and friendly hands clasped in the Adelphean bonds of fellowship will lead me to achieve a rich and useful life.

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