Tuesday, July 19, 2011

leah lack

My sister-in-law (Kyle's sister) has the cutest name now. I think it flows well....Leah Lack. She got married the last weekend in June.

The bridal party at the bridal brunch at Harveys. YUM!  

And here they are people.....Aunt Eloise and Mimi! The famous ladies of the south! 

Leah is all smiles at the rehearsal. That was only time it rained. Thank goodness because Leah got married outside at a place called the Burnt Oak Lodge. It was a perfect place for Leah and Josh's personality. 

We were both in the wedding and got to walk down the aisle again! TOGETHER! I told Kyle to look at me and say the vows to himself during the ceremony so we could renew them. HA! Just kidding! We did dance as we exited the aisle! I wish we had that on video. We were a hit!
 After rehearing our walk, we went to the rehearsal dinner at the Veranda, another fine place to eat!

 Wedding day! I was super excited Kyle and I were both in the wedding. I don't think it is to common that people are in their sister-in-law's wedding. Usually it is just the other way around. Since I'm an only child, this will probably be the only family wedding I'm in. Oh no, I'm getting sappy?! Actually, Kyle was so giddy when he found out I was in the wedding. It was so cute! I love him.

The beautiful bride staying cool. It was hot outside! 

Reception time. The band was great and we danced the night away. 

The twins-Brittany and Morgan. We wanted a picture on the jungle gym! 

Rolling on the river. 

I drove the get-away-car but this was not it. They rode in my mother-in-law's car so it was a clean escape. Come on now.....we had to do something. We found Leah's car at the hotel and did a little decorating so when the newlyweds got up the next morning, they'd have a fun surprise! 

More pictures to come...I don't even have one of the newlyweds! I'll get on that when the pictures come in!

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