Sunday, June 17, 2012

the cat is out of the bag

I wanted to make sure I surprised my friends on the news of our little one. In March, Kyle wanted to practice using his new smoker so we invited everyone over for a cook-out.

Kyle was wearing this!
When he answered the door, he would stop and everyone looked at him like "why are you just standing there with a bib on?" At first they thought he needed it for eating BBQ.

But then they looked closer and SCREAMED!
I didn't even think of getting peoples reactions but luckily Kristy got a couple. And I am kinda glad I didn't get her reaction because the girl was crying.


YAY! They have been waiting for a little one.

Aunt Betsy finding out!

more hugs

Jen, as always, made some delish dessert!


The UT-Martin Skyhawks were playing the UT Vols in the women's basketball tourney! They really should not put those two UT teams together. Not fair!

Boomer was not that excited about all the people coming to his hood.

The Perry's brought Jax

The Betts' brought London

London really liked Bailey

Leon and Nathan enjoying some cornhole

Kyle (with his bib) and Ray in action

Betsy and Shelly

Nathan fell asleep. How? I have no clue!

Amanda and Emily! My bible study girls!

The final product.

The engaged couple.


Our turn to play cornhole

I think my team won!

We had a fun and exciting day telling our friends the big news!

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