Friday, September 5, 2014

4 months old and 21 months old

On July 4th, Charlie turned 4 months old. 

He is sleeping great at night!


always smiling

he loves those hands

just realized he is in the same PJs as in the 14 weeks pic.

his check-up
14.15 lbs
25 inches long

Charlie has started to:
sit in the "flying saucer"
moved his rock-n-play from the middle of our bed to the floor
then we laid it flat (instead of reclined)
we moved his infant tub from the kitchen to the bathtub
he loves to watch his brother
he loves to laugh

Jonah is 21 months and he started to:
still only saying mama, dada, baba
loves cucumbers and bell peppers

I'm surviving having 2 under 2 and working full time!

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