Thursday, June 11, 2009

no longer newlyweds?

Kyle and I spent our 1 year anniversary in Starkville, MS for Super Bulldawg weekend. Now you ask "What is super bulldawg weekend?' It is a time of year in the spring where all the alum come together to watch baseball, a spring football game, the cotton district arts fair, and more fun activities. And it just so happened to be on our anniversary weekend! Since we already had our trip to NYC, I was a good sport and went to the MSU sporting events. We stayed with my in-laws at their home away from home and had a good time.
Our cake after 1 year. The black dots turned blue but is was good!
At the baseball game. They were playing the University of Kentucky and I was still bitter about Coach Cal leaving Memphis to go the bluegrass state (so i cheered for the bulldawgs!) It was my 1st time to see 'left field lounge.' It's an old tradition from the 70's where the students built bleacher like seats on top of old cars. It is like a tailgate party. It is hard to explain but has been my favorite part of Starkville.
About to go on our date to the Veranda.
Yes, we have been married 1 year! April 18th! I have really enjoyed being married. And I know Kyle would say the same. Kyle and I have so much fun with each other! So, are we no longer newlyweds? We think we will be newlyweds for a very long time! For the special occassion, we have the proof for our storybook wedding album.
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