Monday, May 31, 2010

march madness

Between watching basketball games, we did a little traveling as well. We went to Nashville in March to see Carol (one of my besties from college) and Jason Stout. They are expecting a baby girl in August!! That was the same weekend as the SEC tourney and my in-laws went to 1 game. The other game was too expensive with UK playing (don't even get me started...not a good subject for me) I also got to see my old flatmate Lauren and her new house! I miss her so much! But the main reason we came to Nashville was to see Jamie Cullum!

The Betts came as well. It was Ray and Kyle's 1st Jamie show.

We had great seats! This was Steph and my 3rd Jamie show. AND he is coming to Memphis tomorrow night (July 11) and I'm going again! He is that good.

He is my favorite to watch live. He is also great for all ages. He brings jazz to a new level in which he mixes new songs with a jazz-like feel. He's the main reason I really started liking jazz music. He is out of control standing in someones seat and singing!!

And he loves to jump from his piano! Who knew jazz singers were so crazy!? I really recommend you taking a listen to his music. He does play some oldies and he plays main stream pop and turns it to jazz...but he also has his own stuff. I am so thrilled that he is FINALLY coming to Memphis! Thanks Jamie!

Mimi (Kyle's grandmother now 86) and Aunt Eloise (Kyle's great-aunt now 80) had a birthday. We headed south to Jackson, MS to celebrate!

Kyle and his Mimi

Leah, Kyle, Mimi, Angie before we got wild at the birthday party! HAHAHA!

The birthday cake for the sisters. I think the secret to Mimi's sharp mind is her Sutter Home wine!! Every time we go see her, she has mini-size bottles (8oz) of wine and chips & salsa to eat. Never fails. She is a hoot to be around.

For Kyle's birthday, I got him a cooking class at the Viking School. I really wanted to get him a class on his birthday but they didn't offer the one I wanted. So we had to wait a month to go! But he still loved it. Kyle is an amazing cook and he has bettered my culinary skills! We now make a lot of yummy healthy food. Yes, the two can go together!

We took an Italian class. We got to make homemade ravioli and lots of other goodies. Our teacher had just been on the food network for winning a cooking challenge on Guy Fieri's show (one of Kyle's favorite chefs!) She won 25,000 and won the showdown! Here is her recipe that won her the money.

The crazy thing is that I had no idea our teacher had this background! Kyle thought I really went out of my way....ok I am lying. The look on my face when she said she was on the food network was priceless! I'm just lucky sometimes!

The happy chefs with full bellies!

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