Sunday, May 30, 2010

over the river and through the woods

the winter cross country series use to be one of my favorite races....this year is was one of the worst! it takes place in January and February and consists of a 3k, 5k, 8k, and 10k... all trail runs. i did this series 3 years ago and had a blast! this year, the weather was not on my side.

the 3k was at overton park and the lake was FROZEN! people were ice skating! ice skating in memphis? what? yup, we saw it 1st hand. it was very cold but dry. so it was fun, short race.

the 5k was a different story. it was at stanky creek (the name says it need for details)

ok, i can't hold was horrible! we were pigs. memphis weather! it poured the night prior. here is alex, kyle and myself very excited that we did not sink in the mud. alex's wife overheard someone say that they have never seen the trails so bad before a race.

the picture does not describe how muddy we were.

next up, the 8k. now it is cold again! back to the winter gear. and throw some snow on the trails as well. this time we put plastic bags over our socks thinking that might help with the mud since the snow was melting.

WRONG! didn't help. since i have done this series before, i knew about the ditch and creek we had to cross! before the race, we heard the water was 19 degrees! however, this race was a little easier to run. the snow made the mud icey and at least we didn't have to feel like we were running in the quick sand. back to the creek. we had to go down the ditch, cross the creek in the water and use a rope to get out.

i did make the cover of the photo album. i'm on the left and you really can't tell it's me but it is!

the last race was the 10k at shelby farms. my dad came out to support us. this time we were back in shorts. no wonder everyone is so sick all the time. this time mother nature decided to make it rain. and by rain i mean lighting! kyle and i were following a 70 year old man (you read that right...70) and when the lightening got closer, he said he was out. of course kyle and i ran it out and the storm went around us, mostly.

i do recomend this race! just hope you have better weather than us!

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