Sunday, October 10, 2010

millions of peaches, peaches for me

Kyle and I went to Atlanta on July 4th weekend to run the Peachtree 10K.  It is the largest 10k in the world with over 55,000 registered walkers/runners.  The process to get sign up is crazy!  You only have a 2 hour window to sign up online on a certain day and time.  All other people mail in their form and are picked at random.  We "got in" so we set out on our Atlanta adventure!

See that palm tree? We stopped to have dinner in Inverness, AL (outside Birmingham ) at a Mexican place. I really felt like I was on vacation seeing that!!!
 We stayed with Chirag and Reena Shah on Friday night.
Here we are hanging out where the Shah's had their first date!

Here is a view from the Shah's balcony overlooking either Buckhead or Marietta. Such a cool place!

 Saturday we went sight-seeing!  1st stop...IKEA

I had to get a picture of Kyle in the 340 sq ft room!  I could totally live there if I had to with all the amenities of IKEA.
So if I did spend 3 days in IKEA, I would've slept there as well.  I love how they have "rooms" set up.  You can see how they've made it possible for an 800 sq ft room livable! 

I'm not one to shop all day, but IKEA is another world! Everyone must go at least once! The prices aren't bad either!

Next up: The Varsity
This a a jumbo sonic!  I really don't do fast food but everyone said we must go there so we did. Kyle was happy.

The cashiers get you in and out like no body's business. "What'll ya have?" You better know what you want or else!
We drove around Atlanta and there is just too much to see in a day.  We must go back!  So after seeing the sights, we headed up to Roswell (a town in north Atlanta) to stay with the Mancusos.

Tony and OJ are friends of my in-laws.  Tony went to college with my father-in-law.  They were great hosts!  It was like our little bed and breakfast!

They even had us a channel guide!

We went to dinner that night with our host family.  Downtown Roswell is VERY cute!  So of course I could see myself living there! 

Finally it's Sunday morning, the 4th of July! Peachtree 10k time!
We took the MARTA in to Atlanta.  Look at the long line!

Everyone was on their way to the race and we all smelled nice!  I just kept thinking, enjoy the smell for now because on the way back, it's gonna be funcky!!

The race started at 7am.  However, they put people in corrals and we were chip-timed.  Meaning that even though we started at 8:30 (1.5 hours after the race) our chip would tell the computer our real race time. It was amazing to see that many people out getting their move on!

We took our camera along during the race.  We were not going for a PR (personal record) as we had to weave through walkers/joggers.  It was still a fun time!

Most races give you your t-shirt during packet pick-up before the race. However, the peachtree gives you your shirt when you finish the race!  So you have to earn it! There were so many people and I think around 49,000 participated! I love that they had peaches for us to eat afterwards!
It ended up being great weather!  It was in the high 70's and low 80's for the race.  We went ahead and ate lunch before we took the MARTA so we would miss the packed out subway of smelly runners!  So it was just a few smelly people to avoid! 

We showered/rested for about an hour then headed to the Braves game. 

It was a hot game!  We waited until last minute to get our tickets so we had the sun the whole time.  But it was still fun!  After the game, we went back to Roswell and went to the country club (where Tony and OJ work) to watch the fireworks!  We had such a great view that we saw 3 tiny fires from where fireworks landed on the green.  We really had a great time to the land of Georgia peaches!

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