Wednesday, November 9, 2011

fall showers

Our last night in September was spent at the Levitt Shell. We love going to the shell.
To recap: free show, outdoors, great music, fall time=awesome date night!

We tried real hard to get the band in the picture.

The Alternate Routes played that night. The famous member of the band is the battered yellow toolbox that one of the band member plays.  First time I've heard that before and it sounded great. 

Finally October is here. One of favorite months. It is the month I got engaged! Speaking of being engaged, my friend Lisa did and I went to one of her showers.

She's in the middle. So excited for her. I made my very first pinterest craft for her gift!

After the shower, I went to my parents house where I walked into this...

Kyle was grilling some burgers on the famous keg grill. If you grew up with me, then you know all about the grill! It has fed many of my friends. Mom tells me I had a habit of inviting people over all  the time to eat! I did! It was fun.

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