Tuesday, November 1, 2011

food for finance: run like a mother

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Amber Miller runs a marathon while almost 39 weeks pregnant

I stole this title from a book I'm reading. However, did you hear about the 27 year old lady who completed the Chicago marathon while pregnant..38 weeks and 5 days pregnant??! Then went to the hospital to give birth to a healthy baby girl! Well, this was her 2nd time to complete a marathon while pregnant. She ran one in May while 17 weeks. So really she ran 2 marathons while pregnant with her baby girl. The sweetest thing I read was that her husband ran/walked it with her, every step of the way! Of course she was a runner before (8 marathons under her belt) and was in shape while she trained and ran the race. She finished 3 hours slower than her personal record but that is understandable! Here is the t.v. clip.

Kyle is training for the St. Jude marathon so I decided to train with him even though I did not sign up. I have no desire to run one. I know that sounds really strange since I'm training with him. It gets lonely running for over 3 hours by yourself. But we're only up to 16 miles. If I do the math, I'd still have 10.2 miles left. And that is still a long way to go. I told him I'd see how I felt about signing up after I ran his 20 mile run with him. Then I looked it up today and the marathon he is running is capped out. So if I decide to do it, and you know someone who signed up and doesn't want to run, let me know!

I need to reflect. Who would've thought Kyle would be training for a marathon when just 3 1/2 short years ago he was 60 lbs heavier and swore he'd never run a half marathon! Never say never.

I really have NO idea how the pregnant lady completed the marathon!! 2 times!!! She gets the cool award in my book. What a way to go into labor and not get induced.

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