Thursday, March 15, 2012

christmas vacation

During December, Kyle and I went to Nashville for a weekend full of fun and friends. We left on a Friday and I just had to go see the Opryland hotel. I wanted to see all the Christmas decor!

Below are pics with us in front of many Christmas trees!

huge tree

huge ornaments

more trees

Oh Christmas tree!

We walked and looked. One day we'll stay the night there!

Next we drove to Carol, Jason, and Norah's house to stay the night. We went to dinner and then for some yogurt. I have never seen a 15 month old act so great! Norah is a doll! I only pray when I have kids that they will be as fun and well behaved as Norah!
Sweet Norah!

The McCoys and Stouts!
The very next day, we went to the Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin. It was fun! The Main Street area travels back in time to the Charles Dickens era. People are dressed in characters from Charles Dickens stories.

150 years back in time.

The town was bustling!

We met up with Julie (good college friend) and Steph and her hubs Ray.

It was packed! I highly recommend you going. They have food vendors, pony rides, dancers, and much more!

We had a PACKED weekend. Next we left Franklin and checked into our hotel downtown. We had plans to meet up with Kyle's friends from his home town and go to the Saints/Titian's game. Come to  find out, my friends had planned to go to the game too. I never got to meet up with them but I do see them all the time!

Kristen and her hubs

Tiffany and Kyle.
We hung out for a while downtown but was in bed by 11.

Football Sunday! We were with major Saints fans. Since Kyle is from Central Mississippi, everyone supports the Saints. I heard "Who Dat" all weekend  long!

Posing on the walk to the stadium.

Our nose bleed seats. And a view of the crazy Saints fans!

My 1st NFL game!

This man was crazy. As the game went on and his drinks got in his system, he started to take off more clothes. He cracked me up. It was very cold that day. Crazy Saints fans.

The Saints ended up winning so the group I was with was happy.
Kyle and I headed back to our hotel to go home. We really wanted to get back so we are riding illegally in the very back of the van. This is a special picture for Kyle =) He knows why!

We had such a fun weekend! That was our Christmas present to each other. Well, one of them!


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