Saturday, March 31, 2012

dyson or dust (bust!)

Kyle and I are really getting old. Our Christmas present for each other was a trip to Nashville and a Dyson. One of the main reasons we did that was because we were still working on baby step 3 of the Dave Ramsey plan. Our hope was that by Christmas 2012, we could spend more on each other and buy something fun! However, I must tell you...I LOVE VACUUMING now that I am a Dyson owner!

putting the Dyson together.

We ordered it on cyber Monday. It was a little cheaper but it was still expensive for a vacuum. But totally worth it! It is amazing!

We kept going back and forth who would vacuum!! 

*warning-this is what it looks like when you vacuum the 1st time.

We had to dump it 7 times. When you get one, you will feel like you are the dirtiest person on earth! However we have 2 dogs and this thing gets all the dog hair! Every week I vacuum and still more stuff comes out. I have no idea how this thing works, but it does! For me, I need to see results! And the dyson does just that! I highly recommend getting one! (I need to be a spokesperson for dyson!)

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