Sunday, July 7, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner

The Bluff City Bulldogs are at it again! But this time they won BIG!
On June 1st, the boys competed in the Variety Children's
The teams that enter this comp are big-wigs in the Memphis In May World Famous BBQ contest. They are the guys that won the whole deal.
The catch with this comp is that it is blind judging. Memphis In May is not. So...what happens when you don't wine and dine the judges??
You win 1st place in CHICKEN!
Those boys beat the teams that won Memphis is May! GET OUT!! This was out of 44 teams.

The sliver platter!
They also got 12th in brisket
16th in ribs
13th in pulled pork
6th overall
These guys are the REAL DEAL! So glad I'm married to one! And that I never have to cook chicken again. I will let the award-winning man do that!

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