Thursday, July 4, 2013

May re-cap: 7 months

I enjoyed the 7 month stage. He is getting so aware of everything.

This night the Grizzlies were playing in the play-offs

Supporting mommy's school

1st Memorial Day

He loves Good Night Moon

Facetim'ing with my parents and Uncle Lyle

Jonah at Gracie Bleu
I love the shopping cart/high chair cover. It is the best because his toys can hook on, it keeps germs away, and it's soft.  

Toy overstimulation at Granny's house

Since my office is downtown, I went to the forum to get the free swag the Grizzlies were passing out to support them in the play-offs! Bandwagon!!

He still loves to swing

Looks like he standing but he was leaned against the sofa. I love our Fridays together!
Jonah got his first 2 teeth at the beginning of May (bottom 2). He started transitioning from all 4s to sitting and back. He has started to notice the dogs more. He loves Boomer and Bailey. We had about a 2 week run where he'd wake up during the night. But he slowly got back into his full nights sleep. He got to go to the zoo, BBQ fest, and have his 1st Mother's Day. 
I love being a mommy (for the most part!)

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