Thursday, July 4, 2013

sunset symphony and the grizz playoff

 May really is the best month in Memphis as far a fun outings go.
My in-laws came up for the weekend so we had a date night to go to the Sunset Symphony.
Or so I thought...
Kyle got a call from a friend that had an extra ticket to the play-off game. It was game 4 of the Grizzlies vs the Spurs. How could I tell Kyle that he couldn't go when he would be on the 10th row? Plus this was the first time that the Grizzlies was in the west coast finals. Best wife award please!!! 
Ok so maybe there were a lot of us going to the symphony...
Pre-game at the Brasher's before heading to the river.

All the girls. It was a beautiful night!
I forgot to mention that we did not have to pay for our tickets to the Sunset Symphony. My friend got them through work. Then Betsy got some VIP tickets for a tent from a law firm she deals with at work.

Betsy and I enjoying our dinner at the VIP tent! I was made to be a VIP!
Here are some pictures from Kyle trying to get to the Forum.
Beale street was cra cra!
Kyle's awesome seats!
The sad news is that the Grizzlies lost but what a great year!
Meanwhile, on the bluff...

I ran into my old roommate aka flatmate Kristen!

Kristen, April, me and Angie

The sunset at the symphony!
The VIP tent was giving away light up wine and beer glasses so I took Kristen down to get her one! They were so much fun in the dark.
So I was waiting to potty in the VIP tent and look who I ran into...
We went to college together and were sorority sisters! YAY ADPi's!!
I had a blast! Kyle had a blast! Fun times!
And bonus...we hardly paid for anything!
Nana and Pops left on Memorial Day. They were sweet to come help out with Jonah and make our flower beds look presentable!
You can't really tell but Jonah and Pops both have on seersucker shorts on. Twinkies!
Jonah loves Nana!
What a fun weekend!

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