Friday, January 3, 2014

august re-cap, 10 months

August 1st, Jonah turned 10 months old. I was in my 2nd month pregnancy and barely making it!
He got his 4th tooth (2nd top tooth)
started to turn pages in a book
weaned from nursing-used up all the freezer breast milk
got his 1st hair cut
 week-by-week photos in August


Just so big!

We had baby Quinn's shower
I miss Dr. Emily!
the gang-mama Jen and soon-to-be baby Quinn

Jonah was at the shower, daddy was out of town. He is not a fan of the flash.
 Granny time! Granny keeps Jonah 2 days a week. He loves it!
Goodnight moon!

we put up the "club house" so that we could get some things done! Daddy likes it too!

Daddy was out of town again, but that didn't stop the fun!
We went to the Levitt Shell to hear the rumored surprise guest Norah Jones sing. My dad loves Norah (he is the one who told me about her when she 1st started out singing) so my parents had to go!

We met up with friends too

Jonah's 1st concert and 1st time at the shell. He was enthralled!

Getting to be bedtime so in the Ergo he went.
And he was OUT! Norah sung him to sleep.

family time.
We went to Aunt Connie's to celebrate Uncle Lyle's bday.

So then, Aunt Connie gave him his 1st hair cut! She gave me my 1st haircut when I was little!

Since I was feeling like crud and in the beginning of my pregnancy, I didn't feel like celebrating my 34th bday. I went to work, some work peeps took me to lunch, came home to my mom cooking me my fav, then off to bed I went. 

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