Friday, January 3, 2014

july re-cap, 9 months, big brother

I'm going to be a speedy blogger to play catch-up!
July of 2013. Found out I was pregnant and basically, I tanked!
So here is Jonah, 9 months old
He got his 3rd tooth (top right)
pulling to stand  like a pro
started to cruise
likes to throw his toys out of his pack-n-play on purpose
finger-feeding much better
found out that you're going to be a big brother!
started to say "mamama" "babababa"
eating more food and still breastfeeding!
week-by-week photos

That was fast..he's getting so big!
Jonah's 1st 4th of july!
We went for a run and he passed out on me.

happy 4th!

playing with mom's breast pump. don't shoot me when you're 10 and reading this Jonah!

Play date with Eli and the Perrys!

I dressed them for church....just alike!
Next up, we went to Nashville for Cassie's wedding (work friend) and stayed at the Stout's house
they have a swing set in the back yard.

Jonah loved it. Cindy came over too! Fun times!
water play! Norah loved seeing Jonah. She got to help babysit while Kyle and I went to the wedding.

What a beautiful outdoor wedding for July. Ended up being a breeze.
Congrats Cassie! Love my work friends!

Kyle's BBQ team was practicing at the Clements.
love his whale trunks!
Sloane and Jonah in the pool. I was not feeling peanut was sucking all the life out of me.
I love my Fridays off with my Jonah
He loves his Boomer

Silly boy doesn't like to nap when mom is home on Fridays.
 We told Aunt Leah about baby peanut...
Kyle wants a mini-van. He's wanted one and Leah said we could not get one until we had 2 kids. Well....I guess we will meet the mini-van standards!

We told our parents at the same time. My parents were over and we facetime'd Kyle parents. We were taking J's weekly picture and after I took it, I said "hey I have a great idea for a pic" and I pulled out this sign. They were floored. I wish I could have captured my mom's stunned look!
Now on to the month 10!!

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