Saturday, November 20, 2010

rolling on the river

Back in May, we went to the lake with our friends.  We had the best time! One reason being that I get to eat some good Kristy Krotzer Cooking!  I ate well all week so that I could go crazy for a few days! It is all about moderation people! I do eat bad, just not all the time!

It was April's bday week so we had her a cookie cake.

Ah, the cook herself!

 It was a perfect day to be on a boat.  

Lunch time on the boat!

We were pulled over by, what I call, the coast guard....twice!  And we did have enough life vests for all crew members!

The 2nd time they stopped us.  Don't they know we are responsible people?!

Marianna swinging gracefully.

A day on the lake makes for tired campers.

Shelly and I are all snuggled up to watch Sex and the City reruns.
We had a great time. We love getting away on mini-vacations with friends.  It is a great time to regroup and relax!  

Some of the same group of us floated the Buffalo river back in August.  It was Kyle and my first time to do this.  Good times!

We got a little lost along the way.  But we made it.  I just loved that sign. A reminder that duck tape is used for everything.

Riding in the back of a pick-up truck to be dropped of in the river was a mini-heart attack for me, especially with my ER experience. It's a recipe for disaster!

But these guys didn't seem to be bothered by it and I did survive!

Getting ready!

All we need are some passengers!

About to embark on our adventure. 

Kyle and I ended up flipping once.  Good thing we tied Bessy, the cooler, down.

Some of the critters we saw along the ride. I saw some pretty horses and some saw some scary snakes.

Krista and I made friends with some butterflies.

After lunch, we found us a swing!  Ray went first!

But now we must figure out how to get the rope back.

The river had a serious current but I decided to go for it. I had fun being Tarzan.

We rode with Kristy and Shelly and stopped to eat at Snappy Tomato Pizza in Jackson to remind of us Martin!  Kyle loved it! YEE HAW!

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