Monday, November 29, 2010

sometimes you wanna go

...where everybody knows your name!  You guessed it!  Went to Boston in August.   I tagged along with Kyle on a business trip he had.  I had been before but only for a weekend. First funny story: We saw CDR at the Memphis airport (for all you Tiger fans!) It was funny when the TSA lady was like "hey, do you remember me at the forum?  I used to work at the suite?  I was your server one night." He was like "well I see a lot of people." I mean come on lady! REALLY?! 

We arrived on a Sunday night, got to our room at the Sheraton , ate, then went to bed.

Monday: Kyle had to get up at 4am to do work stuff.  I decided to go for a run around 9am.  I went to the concierge and she was talking to someone.  She saw my running gear and handed me 2 running routes.  How awesome is Boston?! She gave me the "it's safe" nod.
I chose the 4 mile route and ran across 2 bridges and ended up by MIT. There were so many runners out. Here is a view looking at the T (subway) and the Charles river.

I got back and showered and when I got out, Kyle was in the room and said we were moving.  Ya see, our internet wasn't working and Kyle needed it for work.  So they moved us.... the SWEET, I mean SUITE!  Wait for it...

AW YEAH!!! Look at all the room we have! 

Here I am all cozy in our living room!  And the funny thing was, the internet still didn't work! Kyle had to use his computer in the lobby.  All he had to do was go downstairs.  But hey, I didn't complain.

Kyle got off at noon that day so off we went.
We started walking from our hotel toward the the Freedom Trail and found the Public Garden.

We were going to take a tour, but we were hungry.  We walked it fast and I snapped a shot of this famous cemetery where cool people are buried.

Finally we arrived at Faneuil Hall and got some food.  Kyle was amazed at all the food options! Of course he had some seafood (lobster). I, on the other hand, am a land lover!

After our picnic, we stopped to watch some street musicians and we loved the song they were singing! Every time I go up north I always hear it.  Reminds me of home.

Quincy Market is so much fun. I know it is a tourist place but I love all the street artists!

Kyle and the fake Cheers in Quincy Market.

This reminds me of London!  I spent 2 summers in England and we would always eat at Wagamama
I was excited to see it in the states! Then, low and behold, there was one in the mall attached to our hotel so I ate there.

Oh no, they have their guns!  I like their hats!

Next, we went to Harvard in Cambridge.

We walked and walked and walked some more.  My shoes were not walking shoes. At this point in time, I was not a happy camper. 

After we walked Harvard (and I rested), we were a lot smarter!

The one thing I learned at Harvard is that you pronounce it *Haaavard*
The R is silent.  Or it is a long A.  Either way, there should be no R in it so I fixed it!!!

We took the T (subway) back to our hotel to get ready for dinner with Kyle's work folks in the North End. It is the Italian district. 

We ate at Lucca's Restaurant and I had the gnocchi with pesto.  And that equals a very happy, full girl!!

Tuesday: I slept in then hung out by the pool.  I forgot to mention that while we were waiting to board our plane, my friend Angie was on our flight.  I forgot she worked at the same company Kyle does.

So we hung out!  We went back to the North End and visited Mike's Pastry.

Holy Cannoli!  I have never had one before!  The pistachio cannoli was amazing!

They had so much to chose from!  This place was heaven. 

Angie and I picked up the Freedom Trail where we saw Paul Rever's house.

I got back to the hotel and I found this.
Kyle got me tickets to see Ray LaMontangne and David Gray. I was totally surprised!  One reason being, we were suppose to go to the Red Sox game the night of the show.  I've been to Fenway before and I was really excited to go with Kyle as he is a sports fan.  I asked him over and over again "are you sure you don't want to go to the game?"  He said he would've bought the tickets if he didn't want to go. I am ashamed that I didn't know they were coming the same time we were in Boston!  I'm usually on top of that!

Wednesday: Kyle didn't have to be at work until after lunch so I took him on the 4 mile run. Another pretty day.  It was 100 degrees in Memphis so the 80's was perfect weather for us!

Kyle went to work and I went to shop, I mean window shop, on Newbury Street. A lot of high end shopping but I loved the brown stones. They even sell cowboy boots!

Just another day on the job for this parking ticket guy.  Isn't that a show on TLC?

I ended back at the public garden.

Then ended up at the "real" Cheers in the Back Bay area. I also wondered in the Beacon Hill area. Very cute! Reminded me a little of NYC.

Yes, I took the T back to the north end and got some more Cannolis!  I'm not ashamed to admit I could have a problem if I lived in Boston!
Oh yeah, Kyle got us a fridge for our suite!
We had leftovers before heading out to my birthday show!  On a side note: I tried to get Kyle to go for a Fenway tour but he said he was ok.  I think I'm still in shock that he pulled this off! I mean who gives up Fenway for a concert?! I have a sweetie!
Perfect weather for some good tunes.
This made me laugh.

Here is Ray LaMontange singing.  It's blurry but he sounded amazing, like always.

This was our 1st time to see David Gray.  He was great!

Look at this clip.  He looks like a bobble head when he sings!

Ray and David came out together to sing a Beatles song at the end! Awesome show! Thanks Kyle!

Thursday: My last full day. Kyle was still working so I hopped on the T and went to Chinatown.
I don't think that anyone can top NYC's Chinatown!

Got some last shots on the Freedom Trail.

I like the old building transformed to the T.

So when you're on the freedom trail, you follow the red line.  It is about 2 mile walk through the historic district of Boston that hits the high spots. Kyle and I were looking for the subway on Monday and Kyle said "hey, I bet that guy would know." There was a Boston "Freedom Trail" tour guide dressed like he just walked off the Mayflower! And he didn't steer us wrong!

More photos

I really want a nice camera one day! (hint!)

This really reminded me of London!

This is one tall guy.

Back near the north end (no cannolis this time, I resisted the urge)

Look what I found by accident!  The Boston marathon finisher line!

That night we ate at a steak house then headed to the Boston Harbor to listen to some live tunes.
But wait!  Just because Kyle is done with work doesn't mean our trip ended.  For Kyle it just begun! More to come....

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