Friday, February 18, 2011

a hallmark holiday

I honestly don't care for Valentine's Day. Why do we need a day to tell someone we love them? Shouldn't we be doing that year round? My friend at work said it best. Valentine's is a day for Hallmark to make money.  

Well, Hallmark is not making any money off us! Kyle and I have a Valentine's tradition.
1. We don't buy each other presents. I'd rather have a bigger Christmas or birthday present! HA! Plus Kyle's birthday is 6 days after Valentine's.

2. We don't buy each other cards. We hand make them! I think that was my idea since we don't do presents. Can you guess whose card is whose below?

 Mine is on the left, Kyle's card is on the right. Kyle has grown in the area of card making. My first Valentine's card from him was hearts glued on white typing paper and the words 'I love you' written with a black sharpie! The next year he got the idea to ask help from my teacher friends. Now he has progressed to buying decorated heart paper and types it! All week I kept on telling him how great my card was (I was bluffing) and he told me how bad his was (he was bluffing!) We both made each other "debt-free" themed cards! His was better. It was about 5 pages telling the stages of our journey we've been on to become debt free. He had all of our debts we paid off listed. Then he printed off our mortgage and calculated how long it would take us to be completely debt free. All my card said was "happy debt free Valentine's Day!" He did like my coin heart! I love this tradition we do. This means so much more to me than a card from Hallmark!

3. We don't go out to eat. Instead of fighting the crowds, Kyle makes me a homemade pesto pizza! This started when I brought back pesto sauce from Cinque Terre, Italy. I went there with my girlfriends when Kyle and I first started dating and had the best pesto pizza ever! He used the pesto to recreate my pizza on our first Valentine's. This year we tried to make homemade whole wheat dough. Glad we had a back up crust!

It is about to go in the oven. It consisted of pesto, turkey sausage, red (purple) onions, red peppers, mozzarella and feta cheese, and a sprinkle of my mom's marinara sauce.

 It was so good! You better believe I ate more than Kyle did!

I was in charge of dessert. I made a "puddin pie." No pun intended. It was the only thing in the house. Grahm cracker crust, instant sugar free jello and fat free whip cream. Took me 5 mintues to make.

Kyle also gets me a Reese's heart!

I like spending my Valentine's night in my PJs! We'll go out to eat next week!

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