Sunday, February 20, 2011

wtf-what the folk?

What is folk music? I will quote from the Folk Alliance International (FAI) website. "That is always the most popular question presented to our organization and membership. FAI defines 'folk' as anything rooted in tradition, indigenous to one's culture. Our organization is made up of all types such as songwriters, story tellers, bluegrass, blues, soul, world music, spoken word, zydeco, and much...much more."
My friend Cindy Cogbill is director for the Folk Alliance International conference. The main office for the Folk Alliance is in the South Main Arts district in Memphis. Cindy and I went to high school together and reconnected again at church where we both did children's theatre. Anyway, the conference is held at a hotel in downtown Memphis. It is a conference like no other!

The conference is a private event. Because I know people in high places (Cindy!), I've been able to go as her guest so I feel pretty cool knowing her! There were people playing music everywhere.
Here is a view from the balcony of some musicians jamming out. When I say music is everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! Let me explain. There are main shows in the ballroom. Then there are showcases on the 17th, 18th, and 19th floors of the hotel. It reminds me of college when everyone would pack in someones room and listen to someone play the guitar. It is 3 floors of dorm room parties! So much talent in one hotel. There are even people playing in the stairwells.

Since this is a network event, there are tons of artists with their flyers out. These tables were everywhere. And so was the RedBull man! I think the first year I attended the conference, I drank 5 in one night. Now I know that was not very smart of me! I was up late and very wired!

More music!
It ranges from county to blues. I cannot play nor can I sing (I was kicked out of a choir in college...long story!) so I love to be around people that can.  I'm a great listener, I do that well!  I really do appreciate music!

Last Wednesday, the Folk Alliance opened up one night to the public. I so excited because 2 of my favorite artists were playing.

First up was Paul Thorn. I've seen him before and he is so funny. He has a great stage presence! My friends and I were on the 2nd row. Sirus/XM was there streaming live on the Village (a folk music station). Then we found out they were filming for a PBS special! Watch for me on TV soon! I'll be the girl with a shirt that says "I'm a ski nut." HAHA!
The last show we saw was Over the Rhine. I've seen them before too!  They play really cool instruments that I have no clue what they are but sound amazing! The lead singer has an amazing voice. I was very tired for work the next day but it was worth it.

I didn't get to go back as Kyle and I went out of town for his birthday weekend. The best part about the FA conference is the 17-19th floors. Kyle did come with me a couple of years ago and enjoyed himself.  He is like me, no voice but loves to listen! Our kids have no hope!
Here is a video I found on YouTube that kind of shows the craziness of the 17-19th floors. (you'll have to pause my music playing on my page to listen to the video) I guess you just had to be there! If you're a music lover, this is the place for you!

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