Wednesday, September 21, 2011

food for finance: i promise i cook

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Somehow, I've been known as the girl that doesn't cook. Ok, "cooking" a salad does not count. Just because I make simple dishes doesn't mean I can't cook! Kyle enjoys it more than me. We definitely have role reversal in our household. He is the meal planner. He does a lot of the cooking. And don't get him started on grocery shopping. He loves it! But I will have you know that we are a TEAM! I cut....he cooks!

One night I cooked a whole meal by myself. Of course Kyle had to grab the camera.  

It is very easy to make and very healthy! 

The final product. It was a weight watchers recipe: Turkey Sausage and Peppers. However, I use the turkey sausage with nothing hot in it.

Mostly we eat at home. It is a great thing to do for many reasons.
1. We get to spend time together.
2. We know what we are putting in our food so we know it is healthy.
3. It is so much cheaper than eating out.
4. We have leftovers to bring lunch to work the next day.

Below is one of my favorite recipes: mini shepherds pie.

 We modified the recipe to make it heathier. We used turkey meat, light cressent rolls, reduced fat cheese, etc.

Look at me wearing an apron. This girl can cook!
Bon appetit!!

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