Thursday, September 22, 2011

new arrival

It's not what you think. But I got your attention! We went to see Mimi in August. And we got to meet Annlea. Matt (Kyle's cousin) and Laura had their 1st baby! Well, we met her at Leah's wedding but we got to spend quality time with her this go round.

Isn't she cute?! Kyle and her have the same hair-do!

Somehow Mimi looks mad in this picture. Annlea loves her great-grandmother.

And she loves her great-great aunt! I tried to hold her and she didn't love me so much. Or at least she had a hard way of showing it! She is super cute and has the best hair of a 7-weeker I've seen.

So I've talked a lot about Mimi and her wine. It never fails. We got to Mimi's and she had Sutter Home wine for me and her, and a Bud Light for Kyle. And I can't forget about the chips & dip.

I have really enjoyed having her around! She is a very funny lady.
We had a great time, yet again, at Mimi's. My in-laws came up and we all went to eat at the Cock of the Walk on the reservoir. Ugh, it was hard to "walk" after that meal.

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  1. So, when will we be hearing your new arrival announcement???