Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am now 32. I'm ok with it. Don't I have to be?! I'm a spring my early 30s.

I wanted to be pool side for my b-day. So Kyle and I headed to Tunica for the heat wave party. Sounds pretty party-like aye? Wrong! It was pretty low key. They had a DJ playing some tunes, we got some sun, watched people play volleyball. I kinda felt like I was at an all inclusive resort for a while. They had the lawn chairs that were made out of beds in the cabanas, a wait staff, BUT then I came back down to reality when there was no sandy white beaches.  Then the party people came out....

...we got there early, around noon. We left around 4 and that is when the heat wave started to get heated! HA! My low key party was too good to be true. I had a great time people watching. As we were leaving, the world's sexiest DJ arrived.

Time to eat. We went over to Paula Dean's and met our friends Jen and Leon where I had 4 plates full of food. Jen was in shock. She'd never seen me in action.  It is a rare occasion, but you if see me and Kyle in Tunica, you can bet we are there to eat! It is an event. We're there for about 3 hours. I am not kidding either. We get full then we go home. We are wild I tell you! Then we eat healthy for about 4 months and do it all over again. Why would I waste my time on slots when I could be eating?!

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