Sunday, September 18, 2011


I started volunteering as a counselor for the Muscular Dystrophy Association summer camp back when I was 16. Let's see, that was the summer of 1996. WHOA! My cousin Lyle has a non-progressive type of muscular dystrophy called central core disease. There are over 40 different neuro muscular diseases...MD is just an umbrella term.

So, Lyle is an only child and so am I. We were born 2 days apart. So we just say we are siblings. Ever since I can  remember, he'd talk about how much fun he'd have at camp. He loved it. And as soon as I turned 16, it was time for me to join in the MDA summer camp family. So I did. It was a week of meeting long lasting friends and helping kids to have as much fun as possible!

MDA has made a lot of changes in the last few years. Our summer camp at Brandon Springs was moved, volunteers were not asked back, and even Jerry Lewis was not allowed to host the tel-a-thon this year.
The only thing that doesn't change is change itself. Even if we think it is bad.

When the going gets tough....the tough has a camp REUNION!!! That's exactly what we did the 1st weekend in August. About 25 of us showed up and it was a blast! We went up on a Friday and came back on Sunday.

Betty brought old camp pictures...good memories!

Companion dog doing one of its tricks. It was amazing.

Lunch time. The food wasn't too bad.

Old friends and lots of memories were shared.

My cousin/brother Lyle. Every time I am around Lyle and Kyle, I have hard time!!!  "Hey come here Lyle, I mean Kyle." is hard!!

Joe Lee and his famous "tea pot" song and dance.

Camp is not camp without singing the YMCA at every meal. Here I am dancing with Dustin, one of my 1st has he grown!!!

I was so excited to show Lyle Kyle where I spent a week of my summers of over 10 years. (see, I'm doing it again!!!!)

Shawn, Kyle and I went on a tour of camp and saw some wildlife. Later, Kyle and I saw a skunk!! YIKES!

Pool time!

A camp tradition: singing "friends in low places."

we sang....

...and sang some more!

time for Kyle to be fish bait. just kidding!

Kevin and Kyle ready to catch some dinner.

J.R., you must cook it first!
Shawn has mad camera skills.

Joe Lee and Dustin caught a fish by talking to it...who knew!?

As always, Betty's candy stash. Some things never change!

we played apples to apples and I WON! we had a 16 person game going too.

And finally, Mrs. Norma....the lady that made camp happen for so many years. We love you!

It was so much fun to be back at camp, if only it was for the weekend.  Hopefully we can do a yearly reunion. I grew up at camp and I am so thankful to have the experience I did helping others and making friendships!

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